June 19, 2013

{..Maybelline, CoverGirl ,Garnier DrugStore BB Creams Reviews and Swatches ~

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So! today im gonna do  review on some of the BB Creams that i've tried!
and since i have a combo skin filled with acne scars and blemishes
so its the perfect thing to see how good those products are!

So lets jump right into it!!~

Here's swatches ~

From left to Right ..
♠ Maybelline BB Cream ( liquidy to thick consistency)
♠ Garnier BB Cream (watery to liquid consistency)
♠ Covergirl BB Cream ( medium to thick  consistency)

So lets start with the CoverGirl BB Cream
Price : $6.24 (At my local Walmart)
okay this one is my least favortie one..yeah.. 
and im pretty sure alot of you guys agree with me!
cuz this is only a moisturizer!
its dosent have any coverage! no color..nothing
im really disappointed with it, its not worth my money 
i was gonna return it but i lost my reset!
so any this is the swatch ~

as u can see..nothing just sheer white layer that u get while applying a moisturizer!
The good thing about this one its got a matte finish! thats the only thing i like since i have a combo/oily skin!
so anyway its not worth the money if you're on budget and u want to buy BB cream, try something else only if you wanted a moisturizer then go ahead.

Rate : 1.5/5
And Now we have Maybelline BB Cream
Price : $7.44 (At my local Walmart)

okay so this one is kinda better than the first one
i dont like it but i dont hate it as well!
so lets see the swatches first
as u can see this got a little bit of coverage..finally!
i would say it does have sheer to light cioverage....
it does have a dewy finish,so if you have a combo/oily skin you need to set it with powder
thats the only thing i hate about it!

so i would recommend that for daily uses like going grocery shopping or anywhere that you dont need alot of coverage just something to make your skin looksmore alive and healthy!

P.S! i used to mix maybeline and covergirl bb creams to get a better coverage from both of them
and i also used concealer to cover up my blemishes and acne scars..
Rate : 3/5

Now! my last one and its Garnier BB Cream 
 its my favorite drugstore BB Cream!
Price : $11.97 (At my local Walmart)
the one i have is Miracle Skin Perfector for Combination to Oily Skin

First here's the swatches
this stuff is amazing!
as you can see it covers up pretty well! it covers my blemishes, my acne scars, my redness and dark spots
and its even my skin tone
it feels light on the skin, and when you first apply it, it looks darker buy wait one minute until its set
another thing i love about it ..its buildable! and i would say its light to medium coverage
and alittle bit  goes along way of it..! 
i use my Real Techniques Expert face brush to blend it and it works perfectly with it

Rate : 4.5/5


Overall ~ if you want a moistrizer go get the CoverGirl BB Cream cuz thats all what you will get!
if you have dry skin and you want something light coverage light on the skin get the Maybeline BB Cream its light and give youa healthy look
if you're looking for more coverage but still feels light and smooth get the Garnier BB Cream and yes it is on the pricy side kinda..but its worth it & yes i will for sure repurchase it again
i use it everyday for work and is weat alot in my work after few hours i will get some shine on my nose but i will just use the clean clear oil absorbing sheets and i will be fine for the rest of the day!!

so guys tell me have you tried one of them? what do you think?
if not, are you gonan give one of them try? comment below 

i hope that was helpful 
thnx aloti 
and i wish you all a lovely Day/Night!~