June 14, 2013

{..Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish ( Jaded And Lily) Review ~

Hello Sunshines!
How are you guys?
i hope you're having a nice day so far!

Todays Review is gonna be all about
the Revlon Top Speed Nail Polishes

So lets just right into it!

so i was at walmart, as always!
and i saw them and i was like  Oh my ,,,i must have them!! 
the colors are so beautiful!
and i dont know im just in love with mint colors or pastel colors these days i never thought i will!
and pastel colors like the minty blue color just gives me happy thoughts! its always one of my favorite
i never owned a a pastel purple nailpolish before so this was the perfetc shade for me!
so i went a i picked them up!

Thats what they look like!

i piked up (610 Lily) And (320 Jaded)
i piked up Jaded cuz it reminds me of my Sally Hansen (mint sorbet) nail polish >>but i was wrong.

So Here's The swathes 
First we Have (Jaded) 
>> (P.S the name is bothering me haha i dont know why!also JADED means (New) in Arabic language! just saying!)
So here we go ~
 with flashlight..
no flash light..

Here we have one coat of the Jaded color
very thin layer..

  with flashlight..

no flash light..

Here is with the second coat
pretty light pale blue mint color

Now We Have Lily
one coat of Lily
cute color, thin layer again..
 with flashlight..
no flashlight..
 with flashlight..
no flashlight..

Here is the seond coat of the nail polish
Loved the finish color so cute!

♠ Cute colors perfect for spring & summer time
♠ Nice packaging

♠ It dosent dry fast!
♠ it got such a thin layer..
♠ it will come off so fast at the same day
♠ ( i wore it in the morning before i go to work and in the afternoon it start to come off!)

Overall i was expecting more to be honest! i thought it will be better than this better quality for the price!(4.54 or more in your local store)
in my opinion it should be $2 just for the quality! im not saying it supposed to be very thick and 100%quality
but at least something better than this, also i like my nail polish to stay even if just the whole day
i've seen cheap nailpolishes thin and i work out on them with 2 layers and they last 2 days, but this one only lasted frm morning until afternoon..! 
in the end i would Rate it (2/5)
Not really.

So sweethearts i hope that was useful
and i hope you liked the review
now tell me what do you think? do you wanna try it? 
if you tired it already, whats your thoughts?! 

Have a Lovely Day Sunshines!~ <3