September 12, 2014

Favorite back to school hairstyles easy and beautiful

Salam & Hello Sweethearts

Happy September! I love September cause that means sweater weather is almost here (Well, if you're in California its gonna take longer heh)
, and school is here as well yay (Not really, but oh well...urgh)
And for that reason I decided to collect my favorite hair styles that would be perfect for back to school.
I'm that kind of girl who is too lazy in the morning to get that perfect hairstyle, but hey a simple hair style with a little bit of makeup makes everything better (Lets not forget about Coffee) Maybe that's just me but when I look somehow presentable it motivate me to have a better mood as well as a better day at school.

So here's some hairstyles that I found and you can create in short time but still looks cute and like you put a lot of effort in it when in reality it didn't take that long (I mean who has an extra hour in the morning to do their hair? pshh not meh.)
I'm in love with this bun, cause to be honest I love my messy bun but I'm so over it, and I personally have a thick long hair and when I try to do a normal bun it just look like a big giant thing over my head (Not cute, at all) but with this idea, I'm really loving it and enjoying my bun style again.

This beautiful hairstyle bring back so many memories ,it reminds me when my Mom used to do my hair in the morning for school, I can never do that kind of braid alone, but I'm still going to give this hairstyle a try (With a help of my Mum) cause it is super cute and perfect for 2nd or 3rd day hair.

August 21, 2014

Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF30 Review

Salam & Hello Lovely People

Today's review is all about the Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF30

I've been searching for a good moisturizer to use with my morning routine and I came across this one
lets start with the description first
Nourish and protect skin with this SMART ESSENTIALS® Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 30. Formulated with exclusive ACTIVE NATURALS® Southernwood and vitamins, it is proven to help skin retain moisture, leaving it soft, smooth and healthy looking. It’s oil free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.
This moisturizer reminds me of the Aveeno Clear Complexion (which is what I use for night time)
but this one is the lighter version of it cause the other one is really rich and thick
The great thing that this moisturizer has SPF30 which is great cause if you live in California you know that you always need SPF cause it is almost always sunny and hot in here.
What caught my attention besides the SPF is the vitamins in it. It got A,C & E which makes me feel that it really nourish my skin not just protecting it from the sun.

August 9, 2014

e.l.f. Essential Lipstick Review and Demo

Salam & Hello Beautylish People
Hope you all having a nice day so far

Today's review is going to be about the e.l.f. Essential Lipstick

A while ago I was on YouTube and I saw one of the beauty gurus talking about these lipstick and how good they're, and the surprising part it was only $1
I heard that and I was like "okay" paused the video then went right away on the ELF website and I just ordered it right away.

Now before I get into details lets see the website description as usual
Indulge your lips with long lasting color and shine. The moisture rich formula hydrates, conditions and softens on contact for silky smooth lips. Instantly beautiful, healthy-looking lips designed, formulated and tested by our professional team of makeup artists.Also this lipstick comes in 11 shades, and retails for $1.00!

Okay, so far this sounds good and I have to say that I have a mixed feeling about the description cause I can not agree with all of it and I will mention In a little bit why.

From the 11 shades, I choose 2 of them.
First, Charming 

Charming is a nude-pink color that I've been obsessed with it since the day I got it and I've been wearing it none stop. It is simply perfect color for everyday uses, and I believe it will look good on any skin color.
I highly recommend it.

July 16, 2014

L'Oreal Hydrafresh Toner Review!~

Salam & Hello Beautylish People,

Today review is all about the L'Oreal HydraFresh Toner

The website description 
HydraFresh Toner’s gentle, nondrying formula refreshes and softens skin in a splash, revealing a smoother, brighter complexion and leaving skin smooth and supple.

          I've been testing this toner for almost two months or so and here's what I've noticed.

First of , the packaging is pretty normal plastic packaging which I really don't mind I prefer plastic over anything that can be broken. This toner retails for ($5.97) at Walmart 
This toner is perfect for all skin types, literally. Here's the thing, my skin type is a combination skin and even though that I do get oily in my T-zone, I've noticed that even thought this toner hydrate  and give it moisture but, same time it balance it out which means I will still have that moisture but without effecting my skin and making it more oily or anything like that.

July 7, 2014

Maybelline SuperStay 24Hour Makeup Foundation Review & Demo ~ ♥

Salam & Hello Cutiee faces
Hope you all having a nice day so far~

Almost two months ago I've decided it is time to go and pick a new foundation, and then out of no where the first one came up to my mind was the Maybelline SuperStay 24Hour Makeup Foundation
I remember this was my very first foundation that I've ever tried. It was almost 3 years ago I was still in high school and I bought it to wear it on my b-day party,how fancy.
Back then I really did love it, I didn't need that much coverage I didn't have many breakouts or dark sports as I do now.
Anyhow let's get into more details.

First , lets start off with  the website description.
Stays comfortable and looks naturally flawless all day Micro-Flex formula provides 24-hour wear and no transfer Withstands heat, sweat and humidity Oil-free, dermatologist-tested, fragrance-free Suitable for all skin types
I've got to admit that I do agree with most of what it claim to do, but there's also other cons that I will mention in a minute. 

This foundation retails for (8.94) at walmart and it comes in 8 shades , which is not that great cause not everyone is going to find their true color, I know I didn't , I had to mix two of them to get my true shade cause each one is either too pink or too yellow. 

June 29, 2014

Welcome Ramadan ♥ ▪ What is Ramadan? Tips & Tricks ♥

Salam & Hello Beautylish People!
Oh you guys I'm so excited for this post

It is finally Ramadan! woot woot
(It's the most beautiful time of the year, well..for Muslims at least hah!)
So without talking more in this intro here it is the whole thing.

What is Ramadan?? ~
Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calender and it is the holiest month for Muslims. During Ramadan Muslims fast every single day from sunrise till sunset. Some people are exempt from fasting, like old people who are on medication, pregnant women, women on that time of the month ,and also those who are on the road traveling (let's say they're on the road for one day, they can later fast an extra day to makeup)
Fasting is different from religion to another, but in Islam we do not eat or drink anything from sunrise till sunset which is the most basic part of fasting besides other acts we take to make our fast more pure and more acceptable.

Ramadan is also the month where we feel the closest to our religion and to our souls. It is the month where we forgive,let go, and prepare ourselves emotionally and physically for establishing our relationship with God and ourselves. it is like cleansing ourselves from all the mistakes, guilt, or any negative thing we've been going through and focusing on letting it go, cause it will go and it will be forgiven by God
It is also the month where we put extra effort in how we act, how we think and how we behave. Its is the month of breaking, making and changing habits, let's say you have some bad habits like cursing alot through the day, in this month when you're fasting  you will force your self to change that, cause we're not only fasting from food, no we're fasting from any negative thoughts or acts as well. So when you start fasting, you wont be able to curse anymore, cause you know that will break your fast, that's when you start slowly to stop your self from cursing, and when you practice your self on that for the whole month, there's a huge chance that this will be your new habit that you will carry on with you even after Ramadan.
 "In this month all of the gates of Hell are closed and the gates of Heaven are open and  the devils are chained"- Saheeh al Bukahri  -How perfect is that? El Hamdellah


Let me say something, Ramadan is literally the favorite month for all Muslims. Here's why think of it as Christmas, everyone loves Christmas for the celebration, family gathering, gifts, food! lol, Ramadan is the same thing for Muslims but we do more stuff about our religion in it, but it is the perfect time for detoxing ourselves, breaking bad habits, helping poor people, praying, family gatherings, decorations, food and all the fun stuff.

I Remember when I used to live in the Middle East, in Ramadan all the streets are full of lights and decoration and wherever you go you see the small local tents they sell all kind of lighting decoration for Ramadan in lots of shapes like stars, moon, lights and especially lanterns! lanterns (Fanos) are the most favorite thing in Ramadan decoration, people will make art with it , you will see lanterns in all shapes and forms with different patterns/themes. Its is just a must is Ramadan decoration
Here are some example pictures of Ramadan decoration  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5/ 6

One of the best thing Ramadan, that is it the month of giving and helping poor people
When we're fasting we're feeling a strong connection to the in need who have no food or water
so there's a meaning behind this, God want us to put ourselves in their shoes, in another word he's reminding us to not get busy with this life that we forget those who are in need.
If you get the chance here's few links that your donate to and help. May God rewards you with everything you wished for
Links ~ 
P.S These are real links that I've donated to several times before.

Help solve the water crisis

Help Africa

Help Syria

One of the great ways to give in Ramadan other than donating to charities is feeding the homeless poor people in the streets who doesn't really have a source of income and in need.
For example in Ramadan all Mosques serve a free Iftaar and free Suhoor
Also not only Mosques ,in some countries they make a tent in the streets and they also serve free food like soup, fruits, and other meals. (I've seen that in person in my visit to Egypt and also in Iraq)

Other Pictures  : 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/

One random memory I wanted to share, when I used to live in the Middle East there was a guy who walks in the  streets with a drum and he wakes up people for Suhoor.
It is one of the things that I truly miss it was  awesome. And of course it is not only one guy, but one guy for several streets.

Here are some tips for the Iftaar time (breaking our fast) and Suhoor time (Last meal before we start fasting again) :

Let's start when you're about to break your fast at Maghrib time,
I know you're hungry and you didn't eat for the whole day but please, do your self and your body a favor and take it easy. So what I did last Ramadan really helped me a lot, which is first I start off with few dates which you should cause it is "Sunnah" (It is advised to start with dates and here's why ) and I will drink a little bit of water then I go do my sunset prayer which will give my body and mind time to be ready for my meal in more easy way and not just going there and stuffing my face with food lol.
Then I will go and have my soup, which is usually a must for Iftar in my family it has to be Lentil soup (oh dear I don't know why everything taste better in Ramadan even the soup has a different taste in Ramadan)
Then usually I'm full with some soup and salad but if I'm still hungry I will have a very small portion of the actual meal we have. And that because I prefer to eat small meals till Suhoor than one large one that will make me feel bloated and sick at once.
1.Start with Dates.
  2. Eat slowly and please do not drink lots of water at once
3. Stay away from processed food and deep fried food, or at least maintain it cause if not you will only feel bloated and worst, thirsty the next day.
4. Avoid sugary and spicy food
5. maintain or avoid caffeine cause it make you lose water
 6 . For a better Iftar it is important to include Carbs /Protein /Vegetables/ Healthy Fats.
7. Try to dink more water from Iftar till Suhoor also since it is summer time eat watermelon it is amazing to keep you hydrated.
As I mentioned Ramadan is the month where we detox our body, so eat more vegetables and fruits so it can fill your body with real nutrition and keeps you full and hydrated for longer time.

Random Tips :
1. Last thing is don't forget to pray your Taraweh (Which is the extra prayers we add to the end of our regular prayer)
2. To be able to finish the whole Qur'an in one month, read 4 pages after each prayer.
3. Make lots of Dua'a and ask for forgiveness consistently.
(some cupcakes for you since you stayed for the whole post haha)

Let me tell you I'm super duper excited <3 I just wish if Ramadan was all year round , I don't mind fasting all year round for it, but on the other hand it won't feel the same if it was all year round, not like when your wait a whole year for it

I hope this was helpful and now you know what Ramadan is even if you're not Muslim, it is always nice to learn new things right??~

P.S I'm fasting at this moment while I was writing this
I wish you an easy fasting and lots of forgiveness and joy
And may God bless you and your family and accept your Dua'a , prayers and fasting.
Always remember God won't give you something you can't handle. You can do it :)

Best Wishes ❤

June 26, 2014

Links I'm Loving • 6/26/2014 ❥

Salam & Hello Beautylish people all over the world!

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite links that I'm loving right now , so here we go ~

God, I love this girl ! she always does the best makeup tutorials and this one is one of my favorite I'm in love with how
 beautiful and simple this makeup look is, and the good part it is really easy to do! I will try to do it myself but I need 
to get a white eyeliner hehe. P.S super random thing but, I love hearing this girl talk,I just love her accent. 
kind of creepy lol.

I came across this post few days ago and I'm in love with it , it is just amazing to see an old couples to share their tips on how they stayed strong with each other after all this time, to me it was like reading something very precious, cause in my personal life my parents didn't end up together. After seeing this post it just lightened up my day and heart, I took as a sign of hope! check it out it is really sweet.
Also check out her blog, I found it few days ago when I found this post, and let me tell ya I'm in love with it!

This is really great! it left me speechless, I'm not going to talk about it cause the pictures speaks for themselves,enjoy.

How perfect is that?!I'm a huge coffee fan, I love coffee and I don't think I will ever stop
and huh! I also love coconut, so when I found this recipe combined of both..let me tell ya its just perfection lol. Enjoy it babes its healthy and yummy.

I love this and a huge thank you for creating this post it is super duper helpful!
and I'm still not done with all the tips in that post but I thought I would share cause I'm sure alot of you will find this helpful for blogging.

I love this! it is so helpful and perfect, cause for this day I still see ladies do their makeup that way, I mean if that is your cup of tea then great. But keep in mind it just hides your true beauty more than showing it. So check it out cause to me, this is really helpful and important.

Let me know what is your current favorite link?!
I would love to hear from you ad discover new links :)

Best Wishes

June 23, 2014

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream Review!~ ♥

Hello Sweethearts ~
Hope you're having a lovely Monday so far!

Now that I'm 20 years old I figured out that I should start taking care of my "Aging" thing
I know I'm not that old, but the sooner the better.
I didn't start using eye cream just because I was afraid of fine lines or aging, I started using it cause I've noticed that my eyes really do need an eye cream. So a while ago I wasn't sleeping that much or that good!
And then it all started, dark circles, a little bit of fine lines, and super duper dry under eye (that scared me the most lol)
Then I decided to start using an eye cream, and because most of them are on the expensive side, I went with The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream ($18.00)
Yes it wasn't the most inexpensive one but, I trust The Body Shop brand and I've been testing this eye cream since 3 months ago.

What this eye cream claim to do ~A moisturizing eye cream that helps protect the delicate skin around the eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Contains moisturizing shea butter and rose hip oil.
My experience does not agree with that much.

The packaging is nice, it is light weight and really easy to carry around especially for those who travel  it will be quit comfortable to travel with cause it is tiny and wont really break.What I love most about the packaging Is that it comes in a tube which makes it squeezable (What a word but oh well..) which means I can perfectly control how much product I want to use, also tubes are great cause you can get the product  without getting bacteria all over the it like when its in a jar.

To use this product you really just need a small amount, like just a tiny dot for each eye and that little will go along way, trust me. So I just take a dot and dab it under my eyes with my ring finger, gently.
It feels so moisturized and nice on the skin, and it does absorb really well, and it wont feel thick under your eyes.
instead, it is really light weight and it will make the skin really smooth and hydrated.
And God, I've been using the same one for 3 months and this product is still going strong and I don't think I will run out anytime soon.

After almost 3 months of use I can really say that I love this product and it's on my hit list but , the thing is as I mentioned before this product did not do everything that it claimed to do
After a couple of weeks of using it I saw a huge difference under my eyes, it looked more hydrated and soft.
For the "puffiness" and "fine lines" parts , I can't really give you my opinion on both cause I don't have them, but when I smile I do have a couple of fine lines under my eyes that usually my concealer sets in , but did this eye cream remove that? not really, but it does look better. Maybe I didn't find a huge difference because I'm still young, but other than that , it didn't do much.
For my dark circles, I do have less dark circles now because I've been sleeping a little bit better, so I don't really think that product did much for my dark circles but it looks slightly better now.

Now you probably wonder why on earth do I still like this eye cream??
I know it is confusing, but this really did a great job for my under eyes skin. My under eye skin used to be super dry and I even have a little tiny small pumps over there because it used to be so dry. Then when I started to use this eye cream it did a great job to give back moisture and hydration to my under eye, now my under eye is smooth ,looks healthier and better.

Overall, I really love this eye cream and I would recommend it for teenage and early 20's ladies, but if you're looking for anti-aging , or to help dark circles, this won't be for you.
Other than that, I love and enjoy it , it worked great to make my under eyes looks healthy and smooth.Part of me wish if this would help with dark circles more, cause if so then this would be a perfect eye cream that I will use for ever.
Last thing to mention that this product did not give me any breakouts and I haven't noticed any bad reaction from my skin, so its all good.

Would I repurchase it?? 
Yes, I know I will always have this as an option

Will I recommend it?? 
Definitely, but as I mentioned, only for teenage and early 20's ladies.

I would rate this 3.5/5
I wish it helped more with dark circles

Have you ever tried this product before??
Are you going to give it a try??
Also please let me know what is your favorite eye cream??!
Cause I would love to give it a try.

Best Wishes~
C.ya!~^_^ ♥

June 17, 2014

NYX HD Studio Translucent Finishing Powder Review!!~ ♥

Salam & Hello Cutiee Faces
I hope you all having a lovely day so far.

Lately I've been searching for a new face powder to try and I came across the NYX HD Studio Translucent Finishing Powder ($9.99 at Target) and I've also been testing it for a while and now it is all ready for a review.

Let me start first with the packaging, it looks normal nothing fancy over all i like it.Also this container is just 0.28 oz so its really light weight,I believe it would be great for travel as well.
This powder is colorless it is just white then when you apply it will match your skin color whatever skin color you have so don'y worry that it looks white in the container, pretty normal.

Also it is designed to give you a matte finish  which is perfect cause I have a  combo skin and now its summer so it is extra oily  ,also it contains "100% pure silica minerals" aka it is the reason behind that  finish you get in photograph.
Now I need to understand something, why on earth did they mention the SPF01, does it really help?? its just 01?Does it even need to be mentioned?? lol ( I know its not important but its bothering me for some reason hehe)

(Thnx God I got a little bit of tan so you can see the swatch)

When I first apply it, it feels so light on the skin and it doesn't have that powder feeling that I usually get from other powders, its not heavy or powdery it is just so natural and when I touch my skin doesn't feel like powder instead, it is super soft.
One thing I have to mention here,  you cant touch up with concealer after you applied the powder, just NOPE. Cause if you did that it will really look cakey and like you have dry patches, not really flattering , so be careful with that ladies!

Another good thing about this powder is that a little goes along way. I just use a little bit of whatever is left on the lid cause usually there's some product on the lid and that is usually it, no need for more.Also some people think it is really "messy" me personally don't think so it is fine, just when you open the lid be careful you don't need to open it all over the place if you know what I mean, just careful and it would be.

Today I tried this powder for the last time just to give you the "exclusive" final thought on it. I wore it for almost 9 hours and I applied it over a BB cream with a dewy finish and only on my left side so I can really compare them well and see the difference.
The 1st update was after almost 4 hours, the powder side was still matte and looks pretty good ,while the right side started to get a little bit shiny.
The 2nd update was after 8 hours, the powder side started to get a little bit shiny but the overall finish still looks good, while the other side was super shiny.

 Overall, I think I have a new favorite powder! I simply really like it, I love how lightweight it is, how it makes my skin feels so soft, and how natural it looks with a beautiful finish, and the most important part is how it keeps me matte for a longer time even when the weather is hot. And it just looks perfect in pictures.
I have to admit something, I'm loving this powder more than my all time favorite Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder ..there we go, I said it, no regret.

Have you ever tried this powder?? if yes ,what do you think of it??
If not, do you think you will give it a try soon?!
Let me know in the comments

Best Wishes!
C.ya!~^_^ ❤

June 3, 2014

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review ♥

Salam & Hello Beautylish People ♥
Hope you all doing well, and Happy JUNE!
Today review is about the drying lotion that almost everyone's raving about it by Mario Badescu 

This product retails for ($17.00) at Ulta
It claims to be  a fast acting, effective acne spot treatment.

First of all ,don't you dare to shake the bottle(lol) cause that will just damage the product cause it is designed to have the liquid on the top and the powder thingy on the bottom.

May 28, 2014

My Birthday MakeUp Look (Simple Day Look) #FOTD ♥

Salam & Hello My Beautylish People ~ ♥

Today is my birthday and I'm officially a 20 years old girl (How did that happened?!) , anyhow
I thought I would share my makeup look of the day, just a simple day look for going out and about.

Face ~
1.CoverGirl Smoothers BB Cream
2.L'oreal True Match Foundation
3.Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
4.Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blush in Light Bronze
5.Milani Baked Blush  in Luminoso

May 26, 2014

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May 24, 2014

Chit Chat : links I'm Loving ♥

Salam & Hello Beauylish People

Today chit chat is about links I've been loving this week ~

1. Home Photography Tips by The Blissful Bee  ❤
Some of you may know this already some may not I just wanted to include it anyway for those who still use flash in day light or have poor lighting photos even in day light.

2. Spring Salad by Five Heart Home ❥
Since we're in Spring I thought I would include this yummy salad for my salad lovers over here, I am a huge salad lover and when I found about this I had to share its, it i so yummy and fresh and feels light. Also I tried it myself but I just added other stuff, over all its a yummy salad highly recommend you give it a try!.

3. Watermelon Cake by ❤
I saw this and I just couldn't I had to include it ,its just brilliant! I mean everyone can eat it and enjoy is even people who like to eat raw food, Its just clever and I remember last Summer I did something like that without the cream for my Step-dad birthday lol.

4. A Guide To Organizing Your Blog For The Entire Year by Venus Trapped Into Mars  ❥
First of all let me say that I'm addicted to this blog, the first time I saw this blog was when I found this article and I feel in love with this blog I always check it and read it. Back to the article this is a very helpful article for bloggers, for me I am really bad without the whole "being organized" I just don't know where to start and this article was really helpful , check it out it might be helpful for you as well.

5. Everything Ive learned About Being My Own Blog Photographer by Merricks Art ❤
I really love this article and found it really helpful. I'm planning on tarting to do some fashion looks kind of posts and this really helped cause I was really worried about the fact that I don't really have someone to photograph me, then I found this article and it really helped, I also ordered that tripod she mentioned in the article and it works well so far. A very helpful article.

6. The 3 Most Powerful Words by Life With Lyss ❥
This is one of my favorite posts that I will never forget, cause I personally can relate to and I'm sure most of us do, check it out really beautiful words.

Tell me which one is your favorite??
Anything you've been loving this week??
let me know in the comments below ♥

Best Wishes
C.ya~ ^_^♥

May 20, 2014

BH Cosmetics 10 PC Eco Brush Set Review ~ ❤

Salam & Hello cutie muffins ! ❤

Today's review is all about the
BH Cosmetics 10 PC Eco Brushes

(Before I get into the review let me say that this is not sponsored and none of my posts/reviews are sponsored everything I purchased it with my own money)

This set currently retails for ($9.95)
(On Sale)
And includes 10 brushes
(3 face brushes, 6 eye brushes, 1 lip brush)

Close up ~

The first thing I saw when I received the brushes is that it comes inside of a brushes wrap which comes handy for travel.


From left to right ~

May 15, 2014

Thursday Chit Chat : Live one day at a time, Live today for today~♥

Salam & Hello Gorgeous People ❥

As most of you know at the moment in San Diego there's a fire going on and its still hasn't stop and alot of  people lost there homes because of the fire. First please pray for San Diego, even if I'm not from here it does not matter there' still people that might be in danger and people are losing their homes or worst their lives, and I don't want that at all plus, this is also where I live now and I'm safe where I am so thanks God for everything.

Second thing is, I woke up today and I'm just so grateful for everything, not that I wasn't, I'm always thankful for everything that I have but today is different and that's why I've decided to do this post. If anyone is having a hard time or going through something I just hope that this post will help and also I just wanted to let go whats inside of my heart. So this post is all about he little things we struggle with and go through in our minds and inside in our daily life.


Some people ask me how i"m so cheerful and positive and always smiling and laughing, guess what, most of the time I fake it "lol", in my nature when I'm round people I know I always try to make the best of it I will have conversations have a little laugh cause we're all busy with our life so when I get the chance to meet family friends or friends in general I'm not going to set and complain about my life problems! its just not worth it cause I have alot of time to set and think about my problems. That's my key is to just live the moment act in a way that suits the situation and just do it, even if that means forcing  a smile..its worth it and it works, trust me.

I feel like in now days we can feel negative and feel bad for the rest of the day but what if we do the opposite for the happy moments?? why not?! I've been like studying this for the past two weeks and working it in my life, I'm not in the best situation in my life right now but I'm sure I'm better than alot of people and that's only is a really enough reason to just smile and be thankful about. So instead of like making my self to be in a bad mood for just a  small argument with my family , I've been just letting it go, I literally just say "whatever' (Not in a mean or disrespectful way) and move on lol and that's has been really helping. So find a good thing in your day,something to smile about and just keep doing it even if just watching funny videos or shows, anything will change your mood , force it and it will work for real.

May 10, 2014

Drugstore Haul!~ ❥

Salam & Hello Beautylish People!

Today is all about my drugstore haul 
I always want to see what people buy and recommend (Is that weird? is it just me?!I hope not :D ) 

Anyhow ~ Check it out 

Skincare ~

May 1, 2014

Chit Chat Thursday : Fashion Inspiration ♥ Time To Do Some Shopping~

Salam & Hello my beautylish people!

First of all, Happy May! I just love May..Oh and this girl right here is about to get older this month (oh God I'm not ready)
Anyhow ~ I wish you all a month full of fun and joy and good things!

So for today's Chit Chat Thursday I've decided to do some fashion inspiration kind of post
so I just collected some fashion photos and I collected items inspired by them.

One more thing I don't have the source for all the pictures cause I got them from Tumblr
but the ones that I have the source for it, it will be under the picture.

1 ~
 45 ~
2 ~

April 28, 2014

Mac Pro Longwear Foundation Review & Demo~

Salam & Hello Cutiees  

Today I'm going to talk about my very first "HighEnd Foundation"
which is the Mac Pro Longwear Foundation

Price : ($31.00)
This foundation is available in 23 shades, which is amazing cause that's a big variety of shades and I'm sure you'll find your true shade somewhere in there lol.
I purchased this foundation back in September along with Pro Longwear Concealer
Cause I had this huge event coming up and I didn't want to go and get my makeup done I wanted to do it on my own, and all the foundations I owned wasn't really going to last that long so I went online and in the end I decided to pick this one and let me tell ya, so far I'm so glad that I did.

Now lets chitty chat about it more ~