January 24, 2014

FashionTalk : Favorite Collections For This Week /SPRING 2014 COUTURE (Part 1)

Salam & Hello Beautylish People !

So today is all about fashion!
this is my first post about fashion
and what else is better than kicking it with the new season trends?!
so lets start with my favorite collections of this week~


Atelier Versace  

From Blazers, to skirts, to cocktail dresses, ending it with an amazing gowns
this collection was screaming (Satin, silk, and glam!)
So here is my favorites looks from the collection~

From left to right ~

-I loved the blazer! in the first 3 looks!
so chic and stylish! loved it!
-The fourth look is just amazing! i loved the details and the little twist 
between the fabric and the sequin! simply amazing!! 
-The last one..look at the fabric! it reminds me of spring nights
i've never seen such a beautiful blue tone! im in love.

- Can we talk about the first look..the fabric of the first look!
i mean look at it,, it looks like clear night sky, full of stars!
im just loving the reflection...(i want his dress n my life T_T)
-The secound one..i dont even love this color..but in this dress! i loved it
- The blue coat..gorgeous!enough sasid.
- Beautiful pastel blue dress!..such a beautiful dress..beautiful details.
- Last but not least, the metallic silver silver dress,
the details give it that strong ,powerful look, but still feminine and  gorgeous!

- I loved the whole collection, everything was amazing,
all the details..the fabric..gosh i cant get over the fabric!

See the full collection Here ~


This collection was fabulous!
it is so current, fashionable, and again fabulous!

Check it out~

-Loved these looks, looks so cool and refreshing
and again it is something new! so current!
-The one is the middle is one of my personal favorites, i loved the details on the side it gave it a whole different touch.
-The fourth one..remind me of the sweet and sour candy! (i dont know maybe just me hah!)
-But no complains! i loved the colors of the 4th & 5th one..so alive!

-Loved Loved Loved this part! 
My god i mean look at the 1st and 2nd one! i loved the details
i loved how it looks, strong ,on point somehow!
i loved the dtails of everything, its like every detail means something.
-The last 3 looks, remind me of cold spring day, cold but sunny, fresh and full of colors.

-I now believe that only  karl lagerfeld can mix sneakers and gowns together and its still make them look that amazing! duh! , im just in love with this, the sneakers in this collection are stunning!
fun, cool, stunning and the details are just so modern.

-I really loved this collection! it is just so new..like you really see new stuff in it
new touches and its so corrent and modern! loved it 
Great job Mr.Karl, Great Job!.

Check out the full collection Here ~

Elie Saab

I really dont know what else to say!
Glamorous, dazzling and classy!
Every season he surprise me more and more! im just in love with everything in his collections!
And oh dear his collection is screaming red carpet.

- Look at all the perfect details! dear god!

-The 2nd one is like nothing i've seen before!
only Elie Saab can do this!
-When i look at it , it looks like sunrise on spring day dark and cold 
then its sunny and colorful..( just my imagination, bare with me hah)

-And look at the 4th look, the bottom is just amazing! it looks like real ice or something!

-Dear Elie Saab, how could you do this?! seriously!
Its perfect, this is what i call real couture!
-I mean look at all the details,and all the work in the dresses.
Im just in Love.And for me personality, he is definitely the king of red carpet dresses.

See the full collection Here ~


(Fifty-five looks for fifty-five operas)
That is the inspiration for whole collection.

Check it out ~

-You can see in this collection the vintagey look, so classy.
i loved how each dress was telling a different story.
-The one right in the middle is my personal favorite!
Over all i loved this collection, the whole collection, it was so exicting to see such a different looks.

See the full collection Here ~

Jean Paul Gaultier 

Butterflies, Butterflies, Butterflies are everywhere in this collection!
i loved it!every single look, its like so exciting  you just wanna see whats next!

-Look at that! so beautiful!
the details , the styling..the makeup! everything so beautiful!
-I've never seen such a perfect butterfly shape on a dress like the one in the middle,Fantastic job!
The blazer in the last look..ah im just in love "stunning"!!

The details..is just perfect.
-The first look ..full of details is a very beautiful way.
-2nd one..butterfly wing placed in a very right way!perfect
-I seriously enjoed every single minute looking at this
I just love this, it is really stunning, couture, beautiful
and you can see the amount of work in it.

See the full collection Here ~

Zuhair Murad

Elegant, gorgeous and chic
This is simply how the whole collection looked to me!
its elegant , fresh, beautiful
and this collection was screaming SPRING !

(BTW is it just me that feels Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad have the same touch in their work?)

So chic!
Loved the white and gold together, it is always perfect when you mix them together.
The little details , the belts, the fabric! simply amazing.
Wow to the details hah!

This is so beautiful..too much beauty! hah
this designer is just amazing, stunning, and elegant
the details, the colors matching, pefect shades together.
The fourth look..made my jaw drop lol, i loved the layering and the details underneath.
And the one in the middle...ah well..!

Everything about this collection was beautiful in every single way
everything perfectly done, beautifuly made, i loved it.

See the full collection Here ~


Other favorties looks 

I just randomly picked some looks i liked from different collections this week

Here we go ~

White was all over the collections..i mean ofcourse since its Spring Collection!
First look on the left is by Dior
 gotta say, im disspointed..
and im not the only one in this. The collection was nice and different somehow..but it is just not couture!
It was more like ready to wear collection
see the full collection here ~

2nd,4th,5th looks are by Giambattista Valli
Loved this collection, beautiful details, so fresh and stunning
the 5th look is my personal favorite, it reminds me of spring trees, beautiful.
See the full collection Here ~

The middle look is by Ulyana Sergeenko
Beautiful collection with a strong story and adorable looks.
See the full collection Here ~

1st & 2nd look are by Alexis Mabille
such a beautiful, pure, stunning collection.
This collection was inspired by goddesses of Greco-Roman
Loved, so beautiful and it does give you that kind of clean,pure feeling.
See the full collection Here ~

The middle one is again by Ulyana Sergeenko
So adorable and stunning.

4th & 5th are by Armani PrivĂ©
Stunning collection, and mixed in a beautiful way
casual , beautiful details, beautiful styling,
so stylish and chic.

See the full collection Here~


1st look & 3rd are again by Dior
and i still think it is so much like a ready to wear..

2nd look is by Schiaparelli
This collection is ..confusing
not everyone is going to like it..it is just different
me personaly i was somewhere in the middle
But even if its confusing, i still love that dress and it looks amazing.
See the full collection Here ~

4th look is by Vionnet
This collection is another collection that gave me that feeling of ready to wear
i didnt see that much work in it to call it couture.
Yes it is beautiful and simple, but  i personaly cant call it couture.
See the full collection Here ~

Last look is by Bouchra Jarrar
Strong and stylish!
Stunning jackets, amazing details on the jackets, definitely one of kind jackets 
See the full collection Here ~


1st & 2nd & 3rd look are by Alexandre Vauthier
Stunning, glamorous, and charming!
so modern and stylish , loved it
See the full collection Here ~

Middle one is also by Bouchra Jarrar

Last look is by Maison Martin Margiela
This collection is work of art, it is different
and creative.
i personally loved the coat in the last picture, the details in it, simply amazing!
See the full collection Here ~

Last thing..

I just couldnt end this post without mention this..
My least favorite collection..is gotta be Viktor & Rolf

Yes it might be an art that i dont get, yes im not a fashion expert..
but, im gonna say it, how can you call this collection couture?
where is the hard work in it? where is the details..where is everything!
There is no styling and the models styling made them look like the girl from The Ring movie (>_<)
this collection is so much ready to wear..
i just didnt see any hard work in it, it is effortless and it doesnt fit in couture.

See the full collection Here ~

So thats it for part 1, i hope you guys liked it.
And please let me know in the comments which collection was your favorite 

Have a lovely weekend
Best wishes
c.ya!~ ^_^