February 15, 2014

FashionTalk : Favorite Collections For This Week /SPRING 2014 COUTURE (Part 2)

Salam & Hello Beautylish People !~ 

Today post is all about the 2nd part of my favorites collections from Spring Couture 2014 
check the first part ~ Here
I've been too busy with life ,thats why i apologize for not posting this earlier..

Anyhow ~

 lets jump right in ! ~

 Georges Hobeika

This  is a breathtaking collection.
Beautiful ,simple,feminine and elegant
The pastels colors were blended beautifuly and it has that fantasy look in it.

Details, all the little details are just simply beautiful and feminine.
 The 2nd look on the left, i know there is alot going on the chest, but for some reason it doesnt bother me and i feel like each detail was made in the right place so thats why it doesnt look too much to me.
That jumpsuit! beautiful and flattering, loved the touch of the simple bow belt, the comfortable pants and how it flows!
- 4th and 5th Lots of beautifuly made  details but yet so simple and chic,
i can see them both on the red carpet, simple and chic.

This collection remind me of Elie Saab & Zuhair Murad!
It does have that feeling in it and guess what! They're all Lebanese!
These Lebanese designers knows how to work on their designs details!Perfection.
(Middle Eastern Pride over here!! so proud <3)

See the full collection ~ Here

On Aura Tout Vu

Powerful, Dramatic, and Unique
These are the first things that came to my mind when i saw this collection.

This collection is all about  Black and White " Light and Shadow"
The way they used the fabric is unusually amazing.
Loved the way they used silk, leather, lace and even fur in such a different ,modern way
And lets not forget about the amazing artistic drawing on the fur skirts.
Amazing collection, definitely one of my favorites, so unique, modern and stylish.

See the full collection ~ Here

Ralph Russo

glamorous, chic ,and feminine collection.
It does have that clean, elegant feeling to it.
And i love how it has that "French" touch in the details.
All the designs looks so elegant and chic, old fashioned but in a modern way, if that make sense.
I Loved it, so beautiful and elegant.

See the full collection ~ Here

St├ęphane Rolland

This beautiful collection is inspired by the sun and light, yellow and orange along with black & white
Loved how the designs are on point.
how simple, slim, chic and presentable they're.
And my god ,the butterfly dress, so beautiful. Everything is so beautiful. loved it.

See the full collection ~ Here 

Georges Chakra

This collection has that feeling of the first days of spring..cold and soft, pastel
and its also has that bright, energey summer vibe .
Loved it, such a beautiful designs, beautiful work, gorgeous details.
One of my favorites for sure.

See the full collection ~ Here 

Tony Ward

Beautiful, strong and stylish
Loved the the strong details with soft pastel colors and texture.
Beautiful designs and modern.
definitely one of my favorites.

See the full collection ~ Here

Tony Yaacoub

Ocean, early spring cold days, and feminie
thats the first thing  that came to my mind when is saw this collection.
And my god this collection is full of beautiful details..
I mean look at it, its like a beautiful beach ..but as a dress!
Excellent choice of color ,aquamarine is deffinetly the one
loved the the pastel orange shoes, represent the star fish color,and you will notice some star fish attached to the dresses, which i actually loved!
So beautiful, just by looking at it makes me think of the beach, so relaxing.

See the full collection here ~ Here

Yulia Yanina

I dont know what is it, but when i look at this collection , i feel happy!
I just love how it present Srpring and Summer, from  pastel, neon, dark colors to white, even flowers!, simply everything is gorgeous about this collection, Loved it.

Check out the full collection ~ Here

Charbel Zoe

What a beautiful, gorgeous, amazing collection!
Im just in love with this, i love details, i love new ways of making designs, so unusal.
This collection is amazing for stage,singers, events. 
Im just spechless, i love the colors ,the textures, the fabric, the details.
Such a beautiful work.

See the full collection ~ Here

Other Favorites Looks ~

1st, 3rd, and 5th look are from Franck Sorbier
This collections beautylish! Amazing prints, beautiful art, playful and girly.I loved it.
(P.S first time i saw the model in the middle i thought she was Taylor Swift!, maybe its just me, yes? , no? ,okay.
And the 5th look i dont know why but i can see Katy Perry in this.)
See the full collection ~ Here 

Anyhow ~ Next the 2nd look is by  Bilal Barrage
Such a spectacular collection! 
See the full collection ~ Here

Last one, 4th look is by Maison Anoufa
Simple, chic, and modern.
Beautiful designs.
See the full collection ~ Here

1st and 4th look are by Oscar Carvallo
Strong details, yellow strips, black and grey are everywhere.
Super cool, and unique ,loved it.
See the full collection ~ Here 

2nd look is again by Maison Anoufa
3rd is also  by Bilal Barrage 

5th look is by Didit Hediprasetyo 
Loved how neat, stylish, and chic this collection is.
Also the colors, mostly shades of brownn,and white
Beautiful designs, chic even for a work days (Depends on your job ofcourse )
Simple, yet chic.

See the full collection ~ Here

1st look is again by Bilal Barrage
( I will talk about the collection in a little bit )

2nd and 3rd look are by Charlotte Licha
Beautiful gowns, brilliant details.
Loved the way how different this collection is, and each detail is on point!loved it.
And this was her first collection in Paris!
Such a stunning work.
See the full collection ~ Here

3rd is by Oscar Carvallo as well.
4th is by Maison Anoufa

The 1st and look are also by Charlotte Licha
Beautiful details.loved the neck deisgn and how it made the dress look completly different!
Im just so in love with this.

2nd look is by Didit Hediprasetyo
So simple and elegant.

3rd look is by Zuhaitz 
This collection is very simple, but that design tottaly caught my eyes!
I loved how the flower was placed in such a beautiful shape! definitely one of my favorites.
See the full collection ~ Here

1st look is by Dany Atrache 
Beautiful collection, so feminine and soft.
See the full collection ~ Here

2nd look is by Dilek Hanif 
chic, neat, stunning collection.
see the full collection ~ Here

3rd look is also by Didit Hediprasetyo
4th look is by Bilal Barrage 
5th look is by Maison Anoufa 

1st and 5th look are by Georges Chakra
Beautylish collection, fabulous designs, gorgeous colors presenting Spring/Summer
See the full collection ~ Here

2nd, 3rd, and 4th look are by Bilal Barrage.
As i said such a spectacular collection, its like "dare to wear" kind of collection! 
The mixture between the colors is fantastic! Not everyone will like it though, but for me, it is my cup of tea.

See the full collection ~ Here 

1st look is by Charlotte Licha as well
Stunning gown.

3rd look is also by Bilal Barrage
Loved the lines, the details, so beautiful.

4th look is by Dilek Hanif 
Simple and chic collection.

5th look is from Dany Atrache 
Modern and neat, so beautiful.

1st and 5th  are again by,  Franck Sorbier

2nd and 4th looks are by Rami Al Ali
simple, and vintagy.
See the full collection ~ Here 

3rd look is by Yulia Yanina
Beautiful collection ,and when i look at it i see Spring and Summer in all the details.

This picture is a bonus, cause in the end
i found out about two new collections that i didnt notice before and i was like "Omg ,this must be in my blogpost", so here we go.

1st and 4th look are by Fouad Sarkis
I've never heared of him before but i saw his collection and i fell in love.
So beautiful, and the designs are stuning and it does have the middle eastern touch in it, like when i first looked at it, i was like 'Hmm this looks like a middle eastern kind fo deisgns" and then i checked and it turned out the deisgner is middle eastern, maybe its just me.both ways, its a fabulous
See the full collection ~ Here 

2nd look is by Oscar Carvallo

3rd look is by Tony Ward

5th look is by Gardem
Chic, neat, modern, and stylish!
it does have that strong ,but soft kind of  girl.
im in love with this collection, so beautiful 
See the full collection ~ Here

That was it, i hope you guys liked it.
Now its your turn

♠ Which collection was your favorite?~
♠Which ones are your favorite looks?~

Wish you all a beautiful day/night ~
Best Wishes!~ ^_^