February 3, 2014

January Favorites And Little Reviews, Skin Care, Movies And More!

Salam & Hello There Beautylish People!

Welcome to the first favorite post of the year!
Woah, cant believe february is already here!
but im glad though,and im ready for a new month!

So lets first start off with 

Make Up 

♠ L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup
Walmart ($6 - $9)
I had a love-hate relationship with this foundation
But for now, i started to love it
Im not going through details right now because i have a whole review on it comming up soon.
All i can say for now, its a nice foundation, feels light on the skin, long wear, and i like how natural it looks on the skin.
Worth the try.

♠ NYX Mosaic Powder Blush
In  Rosey MPB06 
CVS : ($6.99)
Im not quite sure if i bought this one or i got it in my Ipsy bag but in anyhow, i actually really love it!
Its such a beautiful light pink color, looks so natural on the skin, and it goes with almost everything,loving it.

♠ Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick
In Red Alert
Walmart : ($5.47)
Im in love! this is for sure my favorite red lipstick!it is my shade, i just can see it right there!
So i tried different shades of red lipsticks before, and this is the only one that reflect my skin! it makes my skin looks amazing, my teeth looks white! i just love i, and i cant believe i had it for such along time with my makeup and i completely forgot about it.

Nails Polish

♠ NICKA K NnewYork Nail Color
In NY139 Ripe Apple
Online : ($4.99)

I've never heared of this brand, until i got one of their nail polishes in my ipsy bag.
The quality, one coat is enough ,long wear, simply, i love it.

Skin Care 

♠ CLINIQUE Clarifying Lotion 3
Macy's ($13.00)
One of the best toners i've ever tried, i love how it take away all the dirt, every little thing.
But what i hate that it does got alcohol in it, and it does smell strong and it makes my skin tight and little bit dry after using so thats why i must follow up with a moiztrizer to balance everything out.
But after all i like it ,its a good toner.

 Desert Essence Organic Lavender Tea Tree Oil
IHerb ($8.74)
I love this! i love love love it! and i will buy it again and again!
Everynight before i go to sleep i take a cotton tip i put a drop of the oil then i run it over some of my acne and then do the same of the other side of the cotton tip then run over the rest of my acne scars, and if you have a new pimple use one side of the cotton tip and put one drop of the tea tree oil and hold it on the pimple it will burn a little but thats how it works, i've been doing that for 2 weeks now, everynight and i've been loving it! my skin is way better, the redness from my acne and acne scars are going away,and it helped to bright'em up alot so im really happy with the results , just be careful with the way you use it cause its an essential oil so just read about how to use it in a safe way.

♠ CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
Sephora ($14.50)

I like this moisturizer , it does the job, it does moisturize your skin and makes it feel so soft.

♠ Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion 
Online ($19.99)
This is my first japanese product that i've ever used, every time i search what are the best asian products to use, this one gotta be on the list!
This lotion is not like any typical face lotion, it is different, it is almost just like water, doesnt have any scent, any color, nothing..it looks like water. The way i use it ,i just put one drop on my hand then run it through my hand and then gently pat ..pat and pat alittle bit more on your face until its absorbed.
You will notice that if you put alot on your hand,then when u pat it on your face it will feel ittle bit sticky, so just one drop or two is enough.
Will i repurchase it again? yes! but not this one ,cause the one i have is for normal to dry skin which has worked really good with my skin even though i have combo - oily skin, so next time i will pick up the one for oily and acne prone skin

Random Favorites


I do have clothes favorites for this month,but i decided to skip it and just show you guys my most worn item of this month

Im in love with this boots, it goes on with everything and it looks chic at the same time.
Unfortunately, i got them from a store called "Fashion Q " and i searched they dont have online store.
So i will try to find it online, or anything similar.


 Im gooing to cheat and choose two movies .

The Hunger Games : Catching Fire

I finally got the chance to watch it this month! and oh my god!
it was amazing, everything!
Story,  characters, and lets not forget about the fashion!

I cant get over this part and that dress!My god.
Anyhow, I cant to see Mockingjay part 1, but we gotta wait till November.

My secound favorite movie is a korean one!
A Werewolf Boy

I watched it a while ago , but i watched it an January with my grandma
I found an arabic sub and i watched with her and we cried our hearts out.
Your eyes need to watch it, its such a beautiful story, even if its not something real, it is still going to touch your heart, i loved it every secound of it.
And it is one of those movies that i wouldnt mind watching it 100 times.
Im not gonna talk more about it, if you have some free time, its worth it.
Watch the full trailer Here ~

Tv Show

Pretty Little Liars

I started watching season 4 this month, and my god what a twist they did over there!
Spoilers comming up!

Urgh, Ezra. i knew it, but like im still trying to have that tiny little hope somewhere in there that it will turn out to be something else cause i used to love Ezria together, and now there's jake and im kinda shipping them but eh, well.
Speaking of twists..
Haleb shippers </3 , my little heart cant handle it.
Im mad they did that to them, but im happy to see Caleb more in the other show
But i still want them to be together again.urgh.

Speaking of Caleb and the other show..


So i recently found out about this tv show and my god! I have too many emotions right now
Because just last night i finished the last episode and my god, I NEED MORE
Why do they think its okay to take 3 weeks breaks when they are in the middle of the season!! it is not okay.
Anyhow, if you are into drama, horror kind of shows,check it out, you will like it, or not.


The One That Got Away By The Civil Wars

This month i started to listen to french songs and omg i have too many favorites
but! i will choose this one
Lea By Brice Conrad
i love this song, the beat, his voice, the lyrics.Such a beautiful song.

Favortie person

Matthew Hussey, ladies and gentlemen
If you've never checked him out before..you gotta do it soon then.
His personality, the way he think the way he talk, its really rare to find someone like him!
and man im sure he's one of a kind!
my recent favorite video of him is
" Will You Ever Find "The One"
I cant say enough about how amazing this video is, how it really opens up my eyes to the real thing!
Watch it and you will know what im talking about, his videos are really helpful.
I really wish to meet him oneday, inshallah.


So thats it for my January favorites, i was going to include a book, but im still not done with it yet (shame on meh>_<)
I wish you all a beautiful month full of good things!

Best Wishes..
C.ya ~^_^