March 14, 2014

Thursday Chit Chat ~ Links Im Loving This Week~♥

Salam & Hello beautylish muffins! 

Today my very first "Chit Chat" kind of post
So what is this about? ~ Every Thursday I will do a chit chat post where I share some links Im loving like beauty, fashion, DIY, or anything random.
OR sometimes in the end of the post I will chat about some topic and then you guys can also chat with me in the comments and leave your thoughts/recommendation..etc!

I wanted my chit chat to be on Thursday ( Which some of you will think its more convenient if it was on Friday since its weekend) But! I picked Thursday cause where ever I live, a part of me will always feel like its weekend on Thursday, Because in MiddleEast where I grew up, our Thursdays Is your Fridays. So basically our weekends over there starts from Thursday night. 
So I believe thats why even though I live in the US now and our weekend here is on Friday. I still have a special space in my heart for Thursday.

Anyhow, Lets Start!~ 


 I was going through my Pinterest page and I came across this!
How brilliant is this?! It has never crossed my mind to use a sharpie to make a nail art!
Next time I go to Target Im going to search for this golden sharpie.
It is so beautiful, easy, and affordable .
See the full post with some more  nail art ideas ~ 


Isnt she gorgeous?! My God ( Mashallah)
Let me say that Im in love with this make up! and this lady she's one of the best Make-up artists that I've ever seen! She's so talented and Im just In love with her make-up looks. I cant get enough!
My God, all of her make-up looks are perfect . Each one is different and has different story.
She play with colors and styles which makes it different and unique.
Anyhow, check out her blog! Im in love ~ 


I loved this article about  time management! And I thought I should share it cause this really helped me.
I loved how this one is not just a whole article that is full of  lots of information that makes it hard to read and I end up just closing the window without getting any useful information.
She made it into a simple tips, clear and  easy to read and to do.
I highily recommend it. Read the full article ~ 

This is also one of the useful articels that I came across.
This one is all about how to "get it together" how you can show a professional side by faking it ..kind of.
You will know my point when you read the full aricle . I highly recommend it as well ,so check it out here~ 

This is a helpful article for anoyone who's going to be 20 and freaking out about their future (Ehm..same as this girl right here>_<)
Its a really nice article that shows you what matters and what not, and how you can control things.
I really recommend it! Check the full article right here ~ 

Healthy Nom Nom!
Its time for some yummy stuff!

This yummy pancakes is probably one of the best pancakes that I've ever tried!
Its yummy, healthy and guess what the best part is??Its only 2 ingredients!!! 
So I'm sure most of the knows the amazing Cassy aka "blogulates", this recipe is one of hers. Im in love with it! I tried it before and whenever I crave some pancakes I will just make it at home. 
Check it out right here!~ 


Last thing is so random, it appeared last week on my Yahoo page.
Its "We are never ever getting back together" song by Taylor Swift. But! thats not it, the point is they made it into a "Harry Potter" version!! They made a version of the song by mixing few scenes from the movie!!!
Its so brilliant and hilarious!
Check it out here ~ 

So thats it for the links that I've been loving lately

Before I go! Randome Question!
Q ~ Who's going on Spring break vacation?And Where you guys going?

P.S When I will post this now, it will show it was post on Friday! not fair. I couldnt finish it before 12 cause my laptop was going cray for some reason (>_<)
Anyhow I will cheat this time (:P)

Thank you for visiting/reading!
Best Wishes!~ ^_^