May 15, 2014

Thursday Chit Chat : Live one day at a time, Live today for today~♥

Salam & Hello Gorgeous People ❥

As most of you know at the moment in San Diego there's a fire going on and its still hasn't stop and alot of  people lost there homes because of the fire. First please pray for San Diego, even if I'm not from here it does not matter there' still people that might be in danger and people are losing their homes or worst their lives, and I don't want that at all plus, this is also where I live now and I'm safe where I am so thanks God for everything.

Second thing is, I woke up today and I'm just so grateful for everything, not that I wasn't, I'm always thankful for everything that I have but today is different and that's why I've decided to do this post. If anyone is having a hard time or going through something I just hope that this post will help and also I just wanted to let go whats inside of my heart. So this post is all about he little things we struggle with and go through in our minds and inside in our daily life.


Some people ask me how i"m so cheerful and positive and always smiling and laughing, guess what, most of the time I fake it "lol", in my nature when I'm round people I know I always try to make the best of it I will have conversations have a little laugh cause we're all busy with our life so when I get the chance to meet family friends or friends in general I'm not going to set and complain about my life problems! its just not worth it cause I have alot of time to set and think about my problems. That's my key is to just live the moment act in a way that suits the situation and just do it, even if that means forcing  a smile..its worth it and it works, trust me.

I feel like in now days we can feel negative and feel bad for the rest of the day but what if we do the opposite for the happy moments?? why not?! I've been like studying this for the past two weeks and working it in my life, I'm not in the best situation in my life right now but I'm sure I'm better than alot of people and that's only is a really enough reason to just smile and be thankful about. So instead of like making my self to be in a bad mood for just a  small argument with my family , I've been just letting it go, I literally just say "whatever' (Not in a mean or disrespectful way) and move on lol and that's has been really helping. So find a good thing in your day,something to smile about and just keep doing it even if just watching funny videos or shows, anything will change your mood , force it and it will work for real.





 Aslo MUSIC! a huge part, don't always listen to music that puts you down, just don't. Music has a huge effect on our minds and when you constantly listening to a sad music, it really won't help to cheer you up or to pick you up. So listen to some cheerful songs, dance , jump, MOVE it really help.
I know we all have that kind of bad days and sometimes its weeks but that does not mean to let that "eat you" I said it. Cause I'm one of those people that If I surrender myself with sad movies, comparing, sad music..all that can really get me for days and weeks and it will only make me feel worst about myself and my life. So I literally pick myself. I go for a walk (fresh air always help) or go to the gym (to let go of my stress or anger or what ever I'm feeling at that moment), or just DO something to distract me (Like blogging) or what movies with happy endings..and the list go on and on. You can pick yourself up just like how you can let yourself dawn, cause in the end of the day you only have yourself.

In The End ~
These are some tips I've been following and it has been working for me lately 
♠ Make the best of everyday. 
♠  Find something to smile (or laugh) about everyday.
♠ MOVE~ walk, exercise, jump ,dance..etc.
♠ Do something simple that you wanted to get done. (like project or anything even if just cleaning your room it will keep you busy and doing something and it will feel better to get it done by the end of the day).
♠ Stop thinking negative thoughts~ When you see yourself going that way, stop it. remind yourself to just think about something better, I simply tell myself "oh I don't need to the think about useless stuff" and believe or or not just me telling myself actually works.
♠ Cut out negativity ~ The other day I was talking with one of my best friends. lately there has been alot of negativity going on in our conversation and that because we both moved and we both live in a different countries and its kinda hard ,but constantly talking about  the bad side is not really helping us, so I basically told her that and I asked her that we should stop  talking about negative things and to stop comparing our life and looking at the bad side. Now keep in mind we still talk about our problems because we are bestfriends but the point is to not keep complaining about it all the time and to stop over thinking and going hard on our selves about things we cant change.
♠ Stop overthinking the future.
♠ Stop stressing over things your can't control
♠ Stop comparing yourself to others or your life to others.
♠ Be grateful and kind
♠ Have faith.

This is probably the longest post I've ever posted but, its worth it cause I know what I'm going through I'm not the only one and Im just trying to reach out to you guys to stay strong, and to have some faith, things take time, and things will change, it always does.

Thank you for reading~
let me know Whats your favorite thing to do when you feeling down??
What was the last thing that made you smile??

Best Wishes