December 21, 2013

L'OREAL Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Advanced Skin Repair Serum review ~

Hello Sweethearts!

Today's review is all about 

L'OREAL  Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Advanced Skin Repair Serum

Price : $17:97 (Walmart)

Serum..was never a "must" in my skincare routine (bad..i know)
i was always just about a good cleanser, good toner and moisturizer.
but recently i've  noticed that my skin does need a serum..since it does more
that what a cleanser or toner or moisturizer will do..
So i started searching for a good serums..and most of them 
will be on the pricy side..
THEN! L'OREAL came on my mind..i was like okay..L'oreal stuff is amazing
(according to my mum)
so im sure they have a good serum for a good price!
and i was right, i went to Walmart and i got it
and i dont know why everything is cheaper on Walmart..

So its supposed to nourish the skin ,hydrate it
and boosts radiance
(Thats what it says on the packaging & the website)

First let me say that i have a combination/oily skin

i've been using it for almost a month and a half
and i've been liking it so far!
and i can see that it does what it says.
Now lets get into more details..

The Packaging

i personally like the packaging, somehow it looks fancy to me..
and i think its great packaging for a $20 product.
The Serum 

I use it two times a day, on a clean skin in the morning and at night.
I use between 2-3 drops and its enough for my face and neck as well.

The constancy of it its not very thick same time not  very watery
 its somewhere in the middle.
it does have smell ,i personally dont mind it, its very light scent
and it will be gone once its absorbed into your skin.

After using it  for  a month now,
i can honestly say that yes this product on my favorites list

i love how it made my skin really smooth, and myskin feels more hydrated
my skin definitely look healthier now and it does look brighter
i've also noticed it did even out my skin tone ..almost %60??! Not bad all!
juts be patient, results does not happen in one night..!

Anyway, i think this serum suits all ages, seriously
yes it might be more useful for 25+
but here iam, 19 years old girl and its been working great for me

Also! i think it works for all skin types, 
i've seen people with dry skin using it and they liked it
and also as i said have a combo/oily skin, i didnt see any bad react from my skin.

So next time you want to try a new serum, give it a try
cause i think it does the job, and for almost $20 thats a pretty good deal

 ♠ Pros
-Absorbs Easily
- It works as a moistrizer as well
- Makes your skin feels smooth and clean
-Great Packaging
- Hydrate the skin
- Even out skin tone
-Not greasy

 ♠ Cons 
I really cant think of any..
but what a review will be without cons, right?..urgh(>_<)
okay let me be a "drama queen" and wish if it just helped a little bit more with my

♠ Will i repurchase it again? 
Yes ..and No lol
im always in hunt for new things, so i would like to try something new
but at the same time if i didnt find something, then i would love to use this one again.

♠ Do i recommend it?
Definitely yes!


Wish you all a lovely weekend!
and happy holiday shopping!

Best Wishes


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