February 28, 2014

L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup Foundation Review And Demo!!

Salam & Hello Beautylish People !~

Today Im going to review 

L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup Foundation
Target : ($8.99)

Almost all of my favorites beauty gurus were raving about this foundation, so I had to go and try it out, because I was looking for a new foundation to try anyway.

So lets start

The Product 

I like the packaging of this foundation, the only complain is that i wish it had a pump
I just love when foundations has pumps, it makes everything easier. But other than that, its a nice packaging.



I  have a love/hate relatiobship with this foundation sometimes I like it and sometimes I hate it
You will see why in the end of the review.


First, this foundation comes in 33 shades (Which is pretty awesome). And its perfect for all skin tones (Warm, Cool, Natural), One more thing, this foundation is Oil free!

The constancy of this foundation is liquidy, and I suggest you  give the bottle a good shake  before using it.

This foundation doesnt really have any scent, And when you first apply it ,it blends really well (I mean thats why its called super blendable?..Duh).

 I used my Real Techniques Buffing Brush or Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply it on my face, both works amazing with almost any foundation.
After you apply it, it really does dry fast ,like right away.And when it sets it makes my skin feels really smooth and soft , and it doesnt feel sticky or anything like that.

What I most love about this foundation is the finish, after it sets for few minutes
I've noticed that my skin looks natural and beautiful,and it has a beautiful glow
but not "oily glow" its a matte kind of glow that makes my skin looks fresh and healthy, Just like if I had a good night sleep.

Quick tip ~ You can use it without primer its all good , But I prefer with a good primer, it will look better and hold together longer.


The lasting power of this foundation is 4-6 hours , more than that, you will need to touch up
And it also depends on the weather, when its super hot outside and I wear it for more than 4 hours it will start to fade on some areas (Around my nose, my chin) after like 3 hours, but the thing is even when its fading, my overall skin will still look good!
ِAlso when the weather is cooler , its actually stays the same just like when I first applied it.

The Coverage 

This foundation is sheer to medium, it covers up enough and it even out my skin tone beautifuly. You can build it up with a second layer,but more than that it will look cakey. Even with a second layer it still feels really lightweight on the skin, like you just have a moisturizer on.

The top pictures (No foundation, with foundation ~One layer)
The bottom picture (No Foundation, with founation ~ Second layer)

Quick Tip ~ = I apply one layer and I go with a second one over the places that needs more coverage, And for this I prefer using my fingers , or beauty blender, because somehow when I do a second layer with a brush I feel it makes it look slightly cakey , so I just take a little bit and pat it on the spots that needs more coverage like my acne scars.


- Blends well
- Nice coverage
- Beautiful finish
- Good lasting power (6)
-Even when its fade on some spots it will still look good overall.

- After few hours it will start fade on some spot and have dry patches.
- It works better with primer.


Overall This foundation have a beautiful finish, it looks like its your own skin but better, And it feels light on the skin. Looks beautiful in pictures as well
The coverage is nice, I wish it was a little bit more since I have alots of acne scars,but its all good.


Will I repurchase it?? ~ Yeah 
(But, not at the moment cause Im always in hunt to try new foundations)
Do I recommend it?? Yesh , its worth it.


So there you have it, the full review 
I hope you liked it,
and if you have any question, let me know in the comments.

And also What do you think??
Do you want to give it a try?


Thank you for reading.
Best Wishes ~ ^_^

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