February 22, 2014

Trader Joe's All in One Antioxidant Facial Cleanser Review ~

Salam & Hello Beautylish People..! 

Today Review is about a new cleanser that i've been using recently, and its the
 All in One Antioxidant Facial Cleanser
From Trader Joe's ($5.99)

The Packaging  is an average cleanser bottle.

The Cleanser ~  It is a very gentle cleanser and exfoliator, 
Now the thing is, it claims to exfoliate but Im not really sure if it actually does,
there is nothing that feels like it is actually exfoliating my skin when I wash my face.

Anyhow, this cleanser is perfect for all skin types, it leaves my skin feeling so soft,and I love how it doesn't 
make my skin feels dry after washing it (Thanks to the natural ingredients in it)
Another thing, it is great for daily use, and since I've been using it twice (sometimes three time ) a day , I've been noticing a very good effect on my skin, my acne scars are smaller, my skin is softer, it looks healthier and my whole skin texture has improved.

♠ The consistency of this cleanser watery,its like slightly thicker than water.
♠ It does have a weird smell, but its not weird in a bad way, its just weird. But I don't really mind it.

♠ Overall 
Im really loving this cleanser , I love how affordable and effective it is.
It really did nourish my skin and made it look healthier.

And! Now Im thinking about it, this is the only cleanser that actually made my skin less shiny! And Im so surprised!
Whatever cleanser I use it will clean my face and make it look clean and good for a while, but after like two hours my nose will start get shiny (that's where I get shiny the most)
So that's a huge bonus for me and Im so happy that I found it.

♠ Pros
- Gentle Cleanser
- Good for all skin types
- Natural ingredients
- Improve skin texture and look
- Affordable

♠ Cons
- I cant think of any, for real.

♠ Will I repurchase it again??
Definitely! And next time i go to Trader Joe's Im going to pick up the moisturizer as well!

So guys what do you think??
Will you give it a try??

Hope you all having an awesome weekend!
Best Wishes!~

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