March 11, 2014

February Favorites~ (Skincare, Beauty, book, And More!) ~ ♥

Salam & Hello Beautiful Ladies!~ 

Today Im going to share with you my February favorites
So lets jump right in !~


Skin Care  ~

Trader Joe's All In One Antioxidant Facial Cleanser
Trader Joe's ($5.99)
This month Im still using this cleanser and Im still in love with it,
So gentle and good for my skin. If you want to know more about it, check out my full review ~ Here~


Feeling Beautiful Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask
(Thats a pretty long name)
Ulta ($3.99)
This mask is one of my favorites, it always does a great job to bring back my skin on track.
When ever I feel that my skin is tired, or im starting to get stress and my skin start  to react in a bad way, I always go to this mask, it really does a great job of calming my skin and it feels so fresh and cool. After using it, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh. I just love it.


Jason Natural Sea Fresh Toothpaste
Sprouts Market/ Iherb ($5.36)
For a while I've been searching for a natural toothpaste cause I was just sick of the regular one's which are really bad for my teeth. When I first bought this toothpaste, I really hated it, because its kind of thick its not like your typical Colgate or Crest toothpaste, its way different. so it feels weird in the beginning.
But now I love it! Just make sure to run it through water before you start brushing your teeth so it will be easier to work with.
This toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling fresh , clean, and I've noticed it does make my teeth slightly whiter! Which is awesome. Overall  Im really glad I gave it a try and I will never go back to any chemical toothpaste.Just no.
(P.S I know toothpaste is not really a "Skincare" product, I just had to include it in that photo anyway)


Beauty Favorites ~

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Target ($6.99)
This gel eyeliner is probably the best that I've ever tried! My first experience with it is when I went to Target and picked up the wrong shade, I picked up (Charcoal
while I wanted to pick the Black shade. But, after all I really liked , the Charcoal color is a mix between eggplant and brown which I found it to be really nice for a day makeup when you dont want a strong  eyeliner like Black. 
Now lets talk about the Black one. It is so black! I mean of course since its called "Blackest Black"! Its so nice and easy to work with, it stays for a very long time.
Overall I really recommend it! its worth , and its almost $7! So go for it.


POP Beauty 

Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Palette In ~ Naturally Bare
POPBeauty ($24.00)
I've never heared of POPBeauty before until I got the eyeshadow palette in one of my IPSY bags, Im not 
really sure which one. Anyway the one I have it comes with 3 different shades only ( Eggshell, Bare Nude,and Faded Charcoal ) 
I've been using this palette almost everyday in the past two monthes, And let me tell you ladies that this
 palette is one of the prettiest and best palettes that I've ever owned! Its just so pretty.The colors are so 
pigmented, And its perfect for everyday use, And with a bit of primer it will last all day long ( I already used 
it without primer its still does the job and lasts long I just prefer it with primer)
So I definitely recommend it, if you are like me and you love natural colors, you will love it.

P.S : If you want similar palette with lower price, I came acroos the MUA Earth & Heaven Palette and they look pretty similar, but definitely see some reviews before you get it cause I personally never used it before.

Ebay ($12.12)


e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit
Walgreens ($3.00)
I've never had any experience with using any color kind of product on my eyebrows before because I already have a dark thick long eyebrows. So I always though this is why I dont need to use any color products cause its already dark enough.
Then! I was on YOUtube (As usual) and couple of makeup tutorials I watched they were using this products even though they already have a thick eyebrows, and after they used it, it looked way better like its more clean, sharp, and on point. So I decided to give it a try, and so fat I've been liking it just to fill in my eyebrows and put everything in place. Overall if you've never tried filling your eyebrow, give it a try its a very beautiful touch for the whole face.


Expert Wear Eyeshadow Single in Golden Halo
Drugtore/Ulta ($1.99)

One of my favorite golden colors that I own, its like a dusty golden if that makes sense ,which means its slightly on the darker side of gold. But I love it, it looks so beautiful and its so pigmented. And it does last well, doesnt crease which is always a bonus. So I do recommend it and its pretty affordable and you get alot of product in one box.



Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara
Sephora/Ulta ($18:00)

I also got this mascara in one of my IPSY bags, and dear God! Im so happy that it was one of the items in the bag. I had it in a while but I just never used it, I have no idea why. But, when I finally reached for it and used it, simply perfect. BTW the one in the picture is the sample size. 

I can not talk enough about how amazing is this! Its amazing it will give your lash amazing volume and length! its just perfect. I personally do have a long lashes, but even if I didnt I still believe it will work amazing.  I highly recommend it, definitely worth it. And lets be honest $18 is not that bad for a "high end" product since some drugstore products are kinda have close prices 
So if you're looking for a new mascara, give it a try and I really hope it will work for you and you will love it as much as I did!.


Travel Size Everyday Hand Lotion
Target/Ulta ($1.99)

I picked this up randomly from Target cause I was in hurry and I wanted a hand lotion that will fit in my handbag, so out fo no where I saw this and I was like "okay I will give it a try and Inshallah it wont be same as the lip balm!". Now let me tell you this stuff works! I dont know but i had a couple of days with a dry hands and I used this before I sleep, next day I woke up with a very smooth hands! Now I can say that their hand lotions are WAY better than their lipbalms.Seriously, their lipbalm did nothing but drying up my lips more.
So Im really proud that this works and I recommend it, its really nice hand lotion.
P.S I've never tried their other hand lotions, I've only tried the pink one which  is the "Berry Blossom" and it worked for me.

Now! Its time for my

Favorite book of the month ~

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
Amazon ($10.72)

This book will literally make you feel all the feelings out there (well maybe not all of them but you know what I mean) , but mostly it will make you feel what it feel like to be loved, and how it feels to fall in love, and how the first true love feels.
I personally didnt have my first love that way. But, it was amazing to actually find a book that can describe  how it goes, how you think , react and how you feel at that time.

Now let me say one thing here, I still did not finish this book yet! ( I know, I know thats no okay) But! Im on the very last pages, so Im almost there and for some reason Im afraid to finish it and cry (It will happen anyway). Anyhow, I just couldnt ignore it and not include it in my favorites because it is for sure one of my favorites .
Over all ,If you're into young love, or any type of love story then I suggest you give it a try.

Favorite Song ~

I don't have a favorite song, but I do have a favorite playlist.

Im in love with "The Vampire Diaries" Playlist 
I know some of the songs are old, but I just recently started to listen toe every single one and Im just in love with all of them.
Here you go ~ enjoy 

Favorite TV Series ~

So I dont really have a favorite movie for this month. But, for sure I have a new TvSeries favorite called

Star Crossed

This show is about an alien spacecraft that crashed and landed in a small town, and the local people starts to attack the aliens because they thought they're the enemy while all they've been seeking for is refuge. And then one of the aliens kids he run away and he meet that 6 years old Emery and she helped him and fed him for a night, then 10 years later "2023" when they're older, they meet again..And here when the cool stuff start to happen ( :P ) So, I will stop here cause thats all I can say , I dont want to be the spoiler. 
Overall, me personally I really enjoyed it, And I can not wait to see more of it! I love when the tv series is sci-fi with a bit of romance. It's always fun and kind of interesting to me.
P.S Can I add that there's alot of beautiful people in that show? Which is always AWESOME (DUH)
So if you checked it out let me know in the comments so we can "fan girl" together ^_^

Favorite Person Blogger/Youtuber ~

My favorite Youtuber/Blogger is Judy!And her family 
The owner of  "Itsjudytime" ,"Itsjudylife" and "ItsMommyslife"

I just love her! and her family! God bless them Mashallah. 

She's amazing , gorgeous, and so inspiring. Her beauty videos are amazing, her "First Impressions" videos on products are always number one.
Second part is her daily vlog channel! I kid you not every single night I will watch her vlog then I will go to sleep, its like a habit now. 
Her vlogs are always fun, and different, and cute with her "Julianna bear ♥" the cutest ever
And!! few days ago she gave birth to her twin bears !!! They are the cutest ever ♥ Mashallah 
And let me not forget about her cool husband who always eat healthy and give me motivation to keep going wih my healthy lifestyle.
God bless their family 

I really really really advice you guys to check her out if you've done before.

Her channels are pretty awesome,so fun and unique. 

So my beauties, that was my February favorties 
I hope you liked it and found it helpful~

Now its your turn! Tell me what are some of your favorite this month??
Let me know in the comments so I will give them a try as well !~♥

Have a beautiful day
Best wishes!~ ^_^ 

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