March 23, 2014

TheBalm 'Nude'tude' Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Review~♥

Salam & Hello Cutiee Pies ~

Its SundayFunday! Its time for a new review
Today's review is all about a new love of mine , which is

The Balm Nude Tude Palette 

Almost two weeks ago there was an amazing sale going on some of The Balm products on HauteLook
and this palette was on sale as well, I saw it and I had to get it.
I've been keeping my eyes on this palette for a while now cause it does include almost every eyeshadow color that I personally like. And here comes the amazing part which is, I got this palette for $18 only! "Bless HauteLook for such an amazing sale"
This beautiful palette comes with 12 shadows that Im "again" in love with  
Originally this palette is  $36.00 (The Balm)

Closer look ~ 

Swatches Time ~

 No Flashlight ~
With Flashlight ~

Sassy : Basic frosty white ( It was the most powedery one in the whole palette)
Stubborn : Nude pink with a touch of shimmer in it ( This color is very similar to the eyelid color in Wet n Wild "Walking on Eggshells" eyeshadow trio)
Selfish : Shimmery taupe ( with a grey tone)
Sophisticated : Brownish taupe with tiny bit of shimmer
Sexy : Burgundy color and its between matte to a satin finish
Serious : Matte Black.

 No Flashlight ~
With Flashlight ~

Snobby : Pastel shimmery yellow
Stand-offish : Shimmery nude pink
Sultry : Soft matte brown
(It actually reminds me of "hoola bronzer" by benefit.
Cause I use that bronzer as crease eyeshadow to contour my crease. so both of them have a very similar finisha and color)
Seductive : Metallic bronze
 Silly : Pale brown with shimmer in it
(To me personally ,this was the least pigmented one. It was kind of hard to get the color to swatch it)
Sleek : Dark brown with satin finish.

God! Im in love with the names, so fun and adorable.
Random Fact : After writting the names of the eyeshadows, I just noticed all of them starts with "S" for some reason.
Anyhow ~Beautiful, pigmented colors. Anyone who  like nudes/brown tones colors also the darker ones, will for sure fall in love this palette.
Seriously, This palette is everything you could ask for in a nude palette!

This palette have the same size as the UD Naked palette. Lovely packaing and I love how secure it is.  The lid doesn't open that easily which is great cause that means if I drop it by mistake it wont open and let the product be everywhere.
One more thing, this palette includes a huge mirror which im in love with and it has been quite useful lately.

Also lets not forget that this palette also includes a small brush with two sides for shadow/liner that I also used and liked. Usually I dont really use brushes that comes with products, But this one is pretty good actually.

Overall ~This palette is seriously amazing. Im in love with it .You get an amazing range of colors that you can  use it to create a day look or smoke it for a night look as well. Even if you're someone who doesn't really know how to work with eyeshadows. I believe with this palette you can never go wrong. All the colors are so beautiful, easy to blend and to work with, also it is so pigmented and it actually stays for a really long time! I used it the other day with an "elf" eye shadow primer and wore it for almost 7 hours,When I came back home and took a look, it looks pretty good. So with a simple eye primer and it lasted that long, imagine with a better primer?. So I really recommend it and if you're looking for an eyeshadow palette for mornings or evenings and you don't want to spend the extra money on the Naked palette, then I highly recommend you give it a try. And I know this is not really a dupe for the Naked palette, but just by looking at it you can see that it does includes similar colors to the ones in the Naked palette.

Will I recommend it? Yes I will.
Will I ever repurchase? Yesh.

What about you? Have you ever tried it before?
Do you want to give it a try??~ Let me know in the comments.

Thank you alot for visiting and reading 
Best wishes~

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