April 21, 2014

BH Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches ~

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Before I get to the review let me say Happy Easter for those who celebrae it!
Wish you the best and may God bless you and your families!  ♥ 

So today im going to review my
BH Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette

I had this palette for few monthes now..
I got it last fall and fell in love with it. And I remember I started using it almost everyday at work, then I stopped using it
And then recently I started to use it again but this time for more as a spring kind of looks.
And believe it or not, all this time I thought I already did a review on it and I took pictures and swatches
but I never really post it (>_<)

But now here we go ,  Lets get into more details ~

The Packaging ~ It is not my favorite but at the same time it is not bad because, unfortunately to me, it looks like its on the cheaper side kind of package. I do like the picture that shows the theme of the palette and the story behind it which is the whole Galaxy theme.
Overall my complain about the packaging is the lid. There is nothing between the top and the bottom so if I drop it there is a big chance it will open on its own and I will find the eyeshadows everywhere.
So I really do wish if it was more secure kind of packaging.

As you can see there's nothing between the upper lid and the bottom.

This palette comes with 18 shimmery eyeshadows for almost $15
BH Cosmetics ($14.95)
I love the colors and how pigmented they are! You get a good variety of colors that you can create an endless day/night looks.
Me personally, I just love when the eyeshadows are (baked) for some reason that I still dont know, it is way more pigmented and easy to work with.


1st line ~

Sun : Light orange with a little bit of darker tone, almost like orange-red color (Coral)
Jupiter : Coral color with pink tone 
Prometheus : Light plum color with pink tone 
Aphrodite : Mid tone maroon color 
Milky Way : Lavender color
Cosmic : True light purple color

 2nd line ~

Saturn : Rose gold, when you apply it,its more on the yellow gold side than rose gold

Venus : Bright orange color
Meteor : Bluish white
Comet : Pastel blue
Earth : Ocean blue.
Neptune : Dark blue

3rd line ~

Mercury : Taupe color
Mars : Chocolate brown
Asteroid : Dark brown
Uranus : Light blue (similar to Meteor)
Moon :Light Grey
Eclipse : Purple grey

What I love about this palette is that you really can use it any season. 
I know it was relased for Fall/Winter ,but now its Spring time and looking at it you can create beautiful, fun looks that are more suitable for Spring/Summer 

One last thing  that I recommend, for a better pigment wet your brush with fix plus or in my case I use my setting spray , I spray it on my brush then I use the color, It will look true to the color and way better, also it will last longer.

Overall  I do like this palette, beautiful colors, stays for a good amount of time (stays longer if you used wet you brush as I said above), doen't crease which is awesome, and I do recommend it cause its really nice palette for day/night look and for any season. definitely one of my favorites palettes from BH Cosmetics.

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