April 28, 2014

Mac Pro Longwear Foundation Review & Demo~

Salam & Hello Cutiees  

Today I'm going to talk about my very first "HighEnd Foundation"
which is the Mac Pro Longwear Foundation

Price : ($31.00)
This foundation is available in 23 shades, which is amazing cause that's a big variety of shades and I'm sure you'll find your true shade somewhere in there lol.
I purchased this foundation back in September along with Pro Longwear Concealer
Cause I had this huge event coming up and I didn't want to go and get my makeup done I wanted to do it on my own, and all the foundations I owned wasn't really going to last that long so I went online and in the end I decided to pick this one and let me tell ya, so far I'm so glad that I did.

Now lets chitty chat about it more ~

 The packaging is kinda just a typical glass foundation bottle but!, I really really love the pump part and how you can lock it, I don't know I'm just weird but I really find it quite interesting cause its more secure, and the bottle is glass which is fine.

This Foundation is now in my top favorites foundations for so many reasons so let me quote what it claims to do first and then I'l get into more details.
"A comfortable, long-wearing foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental 
condition. Lightweight and creamy, applies and blends easily leaving the skin feeling soft and free to breathe all day while controlling oil. Specially treated micronized pigments help give a smoother, more flawless, natural finish with stay-true color."

The consistency of this foundation  is more on the thick side (As you can see) but not too thick.
But even though it is on the thicker side kind of foundation, it still blends really well and it does not look cakey at all, it actually has a very beautiful natural finish and its slightly dewy.
Now here's the thing, I'm a girl with a combination skin ..aka my skin gets oiler through the day so I don't really go for "dewy finish" kind of foundations but, this one does not bother me at all cause it looks like your skin but better and just a tiny bit of glow and not that kind of greasy glow, which is really nice cause sometimes I just don't like to go for a full matte face and this is perfect for that kind of days.

(I know in the picture it looks way darker on me ,but that's before it was set and then it matched my neck and chest)
When I first applied it, it was really nice to blend and it feels soft on the skin not cakey, not sticky, nothing like that. it also feels light on the skin but you will still feel there is foundation on your face but not in a heavy way its feels more on the lighter side which is great cause I'm that girl who hates to feel there's something on her face, It just makes me so uncomfortable to wear a foundation that I can feel it all day , its like I'm carrying something on my face "okay that's a bit overrated but you know what I mean hah" I think that because I don't really wear foundation everyday.

Anyhow ~ When  I first applied it on my skin it looked like its more on the "pink tone" and it looked like a shade darker from my own skin. But, 10 min later it was all set and it looked normal and flawless and matched my skin color perfectly.

The coverage I would say its medium but buildable
( I personally like to just build it on my acne spots and not my whole face cause for me it will be too much.So just go add little bit on the spots that needs more coverage)

This foundation also have a great lasting power.
I remember the very first time I used it, I wore it for almost 15 hours.No joke. but, keep in mind I also was wearing primer and setting spray so that helped alot.
Now after that, I've tried it many times in both cold & hot weather (Since the weather here is usually hot and then out of no where its cold) that helped me to try it in both hot and cold weather.
On hot days (like 80 degree) the foundation stays on very well for almost 5 hours then, I started to get oily on my nose and cheeks but the actual foundation is still on. I didn't notice any dry patches or like it started to melt off, nothing like that.
After 7 hours It started to fade around my nose cause I rubbed my nose alot through the day.
Then the last thing was after 8 hours, it was fading around my nose, and my skin was oiler.
And when I tried it in cold weather it was amazing as well, it stayed for long time as well, but it was less oily cause it wasn't really hot to make my skin get oiler.So It was flawless for a long time almost 7 hours then I started to get oily cause I always get oily on my nose the first. But the overall look of the foundation was still amazing.
And that'd what I really love about this foundation is that even when I get oily and even if i was wearing it for a long time it will still look amazing on the skin like its your skin but you just get oiler and you can just use powder to touch up and thats it.

Overall ~ I think it is such an amazing foundation, it blends well, its light weight, it stays on for a
long time, it does control my oily skin (which is great cause I still have the dewy finish but also it stays matte for a longer time), love the dewy finish of it, it looks so healthy and natural. Also I love the coverage it does quite good job to cover my acne and acne scars. And the great thing is even when I get oily, my foundation doesn't melt off or start to look cakey and looks weird which is great.
So it is a great foundation to have , for me now days since its hot here,I just touch up with some powder and I'm good to go.One more great thing is you can get amazing finish with or without primer.

In the end of the day, does it do what it claims to do?? definitely yes!
Do I recommend it?? Yes, for both oily and dry skin.
Would I repurchase it again?? Yesh yesh, I'm in love with it.

So that's it babes, if you have any questions let me know in the comments.

Thank you alot for visiting/reading
Best Wishes
C.ya ~ ^_^

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