April 8, 2014

March favorites (Beauty, Skin Care, Tv Series And More!) ~ ♥

Salam & Hello Beautylish People ~ 

Here we go once again and another month has passed which means I will be sharing with you guys my monthly favroites (Woot woot!)
 I dont know where did March go and I have no idea where on earth did April came from!
Seriously, is it just me or isn't this year is just flying by like no other?? Slow down please, I need to catch my breath and get it together.(>_<)

Anyhow~ Lets get started cause I do have alot of things to mention.

First things first ~ Beauty 

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake
Price ($6.49)
I've had this lip butter for quit long time but I didn't really use for some reason.
Then this month I was going through my makeup and I re-discovered it, and I was like "Its Spring, this lipbutter is perfect and its time to start using". And let me say Im in love with it.
It is so moisturizing for the lips, good color, it lasts for a good amount of time, But ofcours when you eat it will be gone.But the nice thing is even when its gone your lips will still feels so soft.

Nyx Cream Blush in Rose Petal 
Price ($6.99)
This one is another product that I've owned for a while and completely forgot about it 
In the beginning I was scared of the idea of having a cream blush on my cheeks sinceI have a combo skin aka I will get oily in the area later. But the good thing is what I was scared of, it never happened.
It blends really well and it looks so beautiful without looking greasy or anything like that, so natural and Im in love with this color as well.

Forever21 Sparkling Lip Gloss
Price ($1.80)
I just wanted a clear shiny lip gloss and I picked up this one.
It is great one! so affordable and it stays long time! even after I eat or drink it will still stay there for a while afterwards. Also it is so moisturizing,leaves my lips feeling so soft.
Definitely one of my favorites lipglosses I've ever tried.

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in Faint for Fuchsia
Price ($5.99)
Another product that I re-discovered this month, and Im completely in love with it
it does have that buttery feeling with is amazing cause it give my lips that moisture that keep it soft even after its gone. I've been loving such an amazing lipstick for Spring/Summer time.

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter  
Price ($2.27)
One of the best ever. I've had few days with crazy dry lips I went to Target and I saw this and I had to try and Im glad that I did. It really helped my lips to feel softer and smoother.
I highly recommend it for anyone who have dry lips.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Price ($5.99)
I really wanted to try the beauty blender,but for some reason I just didn't want to spend my $20 on it right now(Lol), and Im glad I didn't cause I discovered the Real Techniques one and I tried it and Im in love with it. Also lots of people said it is a dupe for the original beauty blender so I'm not saying that out of no where.
I really like it I love the way it makes my foundation looks like a skin but much better.Also it does not make my foundation looks cakey, I've tried it with few of my foundations and it works amazing with all of them.

The Balm Nude'Tude Eyeshadow Palette
Price ($36.00)
Im in love with it, Its like my favorite favorite product of this whole favorites thing (Does that make sense?)
Anyhow I made a whole review talking about it in details.

This month I have  3 Skin Care products that I've been loving.

St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
Price ($3.79)
I tried this scrub few monthes ago when I got the travel size one since everyone was raving about it, and I'm glad that I did give it a try.
It really does exfoliate my skin and make it feel so smooth,fresh and clean.
On the other hand just be careful and be gentle when you exfoliate cause the little things in the scrub can be harsh on your skin.So just be gentle ladies.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream
Price ($18.00)
This is my very first eye cream that I've ever tried.
Lately my eyes has been going cray cause I've been a night owl aka I have a dark circles, dry under eye, tired looking eye..etc
So I was looking for something that will give my undereye some moisture and I came across this one, and since Im always a fan of The Body Shop, I deicded to give it a try.
And from less than a month point of view it has been working really good. My under eyes is no longer dry, it is soft, smooth , and more hydrated. For my dark circles it is better but its not completely gone, but overall it did good job.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer
Price ($11.29)
If you're looking for a light daily day time moisturizer, this is the one for you.
Its light, absorbs quickly, doesn't feel greasy and it does have SPF in it which perfect for sunny day when you need to protect your skin.
I highly recommend it cause I've been really loving it lately especially since its getting warmer here so using a light weight moisturizer is always good to me.

This month I wanted to include my Accessories Favorites cause its a must for me cause it really does  put my whole look together.
So here's some that I've used the most this month

All of these accessories are from Forever21
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the top necklace and the ring
But I did find both of the bracelets

Since I live in California, it is sunny most of the time aka I need to protect my eyes most of the time,and these two glasses were working great for that.
The top one I got it from Charlotte Russe ,Unfortunately I didn't find the same exact one online.
The bottom one is from Forever21 and again I didnt find it online, But I found a similar one

Now its time for Random Favorites

Yogi Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life
Walmart ($4.98)
First I wanna say that I do not drink this tea to lose weight, But because it really does taste good.
I don't really mind the taste of green tea alone but sometimes I just dont feel like it so this has been great since its mixed with blueberry. I really recommend it especially if you're someone who wants to start drinking more tea. It taste good and it has lots of benefits.

Sweet Spun Sugar Candle
Target ($10.00)
The scent of this candle its just amazing, its a blend between vanilla and cotton candy and oh my it smells amazing.
Now if you're someone who doesn't love sweet scents you might not like it,
I personally not a huge fan of sweet scents but this one in particular I don't really mind it at all. Plus Im a huge cotton candy lover so cotton candy scent in a candle?? I need it in my life.

Favorite Series

This month I've been watching more and more of The Tomorrow People

I've been watching it since the very beginning but I dont think that I've ever talked about it in my favorites.
Im in love with that show since the first time I saw it I feel in love.
Its a very nice story, I love that you can never feel bored while watching, there's always something going on.
So thats always a good thing. 
Overall its one of my favorite shows so far there's action, romance, fiiction and drama in it. So I highly recommend you guys give it a try if you like this type of tv series.

Favorite Person


For this month favorite blogger I had to choose the one and only essiebutton
She's such an amazing lady, shes fun, smart, and so adorable! I like her personality.
Her posts are always great and on point, love the way she's honest in her reviews. Im also a huge fan of her Youtube channel, she does an amazing job on her Blog and her Youtube
I highly suggest you guys check her out if you didn't already.


Oh god, I'm so glad that I discovered this lady this month she's gorgeous! I love her tutorials, her personality. I'm just in love with her channel, her overall and her adorable family (God Bless). Also, ladies if you're into make up and beauty then you might want to check her out.

Now its time for a random question

I just wanted to include random questions from  now on in my favorites cause I want to hear more from people and their point of views and opinions.

 So do you guys believe in distance relationship?? Whats your opinion?

The other day I was going through "We heart it" and I saw these pictures about distance relationships
And it kinda did chang my opinion about it, I never looked at distance relationships that way, but after these pictures. I actually agree. And I like the fact that when you're in a distance relationship, it really does test your love for your partner,and also makes you love the person for their own mind, soul, personality and not like when you are next them and be in any physical thing. (I know most of people like it and prefer it that way when they're next to their partner physically in person which is completely fine)
Now I completly support distance relationships and I think it actually could work if the two people really love eachother and doesn't want to let go of another then Im a true believer that they will find their way ,they will make it work.
On the other hand, I want to know your opinion about it, comment below what do you think??
In the end we are all different people with different point of views.


Thats it for my March favorites
Let me know what is your favorite product this month??
Are you going to give a try to any of the products that I mentioned above?


Have a lovely week people
Best wishes~ ^_^ 

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