May 20, 2014

BH Cosmetics 10 PC Eco Brush Set Review ~ ❤

Salam & Hello cutie muffins ! ❤

Today's review is all about the
BH Cosmetics 10 PC Eco Brushes

(Before I get into the review let me say that this is not sponsored and none of my posts/reviews are sponsored everything I purchased it with my own money)

This set currently retails for ($9.95)
(On Sale)
And includes 10 brushes
(3 face brushes, 6 eye brushes, 1 lip brush)

Close up ~

The first thing I saw when I received the brushes is that it comes inside of a brushes wrap which comes handy for travel.


From left to right ~

1.Poweder brush
First reaction I had "Oh..that's not really big like how powder brushes usually are" In the beginning I did use it for powder and it worked well but I just had to use it for something else, so instead I actually use it for blush and blending blush and bronzer that's how it works for me, but you still can use it a powder brush but me personally I like my powder brush to be big so it can cover bigger space of my face and just lightly powdering my face.

2. Angled Blush Brush 
I have a love-hate kind of thing with this brush, I love that its really great for contouring
and I hate it cause from the whole set, this is the least "soft" brush. Its not bad but its just not as soft as the rest so sometimes it feels slightly scratchy on my skin.

3.Foundation Brush
I don't use this brush for foundation cause I don't like to apply my foundation with this kind of brushes, so instead I use this fro concealer like around my nose.

Group Picture "lol"

4.Contour Blending Brush
I use this brush for applying eyeshdow on my lids.

5.Blending Brush
It is a really nice brush for blending crease colors, blends everything nicely.

These two brushes are like the "baby version" of the one's above

6. Smudge Brush
I use this to contour my crease and I remember I only used this once to smudge an eyeliner and it works great as well, 

7.Flat Shadow Brush
Yup, I do use this for applying eyeshadow and it is the perfect size for smaller areas like under my eyes or if I want to just put the eyeshadow in a small parts of my lid like my tear dot ,if that make sense.

Here are the 4 brushes together so you can see the sizes better.

8.Angled Shadow Brush
I use this to highlight my brow bone

9.Flat Eyeliner Brush
I use this to cut my crease sometimes or to use eyeshadow under my eye

10.Lip Concealer Brush
I never used this to conceal around my lips lol, I used once to apply lipstick and it works well

 Last group picture "say cheese" or don't .

Have you noticed that I almost don't use every brush for what I was supposed to use them for? :D yeah~
Well you can do that as well, it all depends on you and what works for you.

Overall, these brushes are amazing, they're soft, great to apply everything, it pick up the products and blends it really well and the best part is it is really affordable! I mean come on the whole set is almost $10 you can't go wrong with that!
So that was a really win for me and I wasn't expecting it to be like that but I'm really happy that I purchased it.

I would rate this 4/5
(because of the angled blush brush)
Other than that it is an amazing, affordable brushes

I highly recommend it if you want a good brushes and affordable, then go for it!

I want to hear from you guys..
Are you going to give it a try??
And whats your favorite make up brush??
Let me know your recommendation in the comments below!

Best Wishes~

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