June 26, 2014

Links I'm Loving • 6/26/2014 ❥

Salam & Hello Beautylish people all over the world!

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite links that I'm loving right now , so here we go ~

God, I love this girl ! she always does the best makeup tutorials and this one is one of my favorite I'm in love with how
 beautiful and simple this makeup look is, and the good part it is really easy to do! I will try to do it myself but I need 
to get a white eyeliner hehe. P.S super random thing but, I love hearing this girl talk,I just love her accent. 

I came across this post few days ago and I'm in love with it , it is just amazing to see an old couples to share their tips on how they stayed strong with each other after all this time, to me it was like reading something very precious, cause in my personal life my parents didn't end up together. After seeing this post it just lightened up my day and heart, I took as a sign of hope! check it out it is really sweet.
Also check out her blog, I found it few days ago when I found this post, and let me tell ya I'm in love with it!

This is really great! it left me speechless, I'm not going to talk about it cause the pictures speaks for themselves,enjoy.

How perfect is that?!I'm a huge coffee fan, I love coffee and I don't think I will ever stop
and huh! I also love coconut, so when I found this recipe combined of both..let me tell ya its just perfection lol. Enjoy it babes its healthy and yummy.

I love this and a huge thank you for creating this post it is super duper helpful!
and I'm still not done with all the tips in that post but I thought I would share cause I'm sure alot of you will find this helpful for blogging.

I love this! it is so helpful and perfect, cause for this day I still see ladies do their makeup that way, I mean if that is your cup of tea then great. But keep in mind it just hides your true beauty more than showing it. So check it out cause to me, this is really helpful and important.

Let me know what is your current favorite link?!
I would love to hear from you ad discover new links :)

Best Wishes

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