June 3, 2014

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review ♥

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Today review is about the drying lotion that almost everyone's raving about it by Mario Badescu 

This product retails for ($17.00) at Ulta
It claims to be  a fast acting, effective acne spot treatment.

First of all ,don't you dare to shake the bottle(lol) cause that will just damage the product cause it is designed to have the liquid on the top and the powder thingy on the bottom.

The way you use it, is just to get a q-tip and dip it in the product then when you take it out it you will have the pink powder mixed with the liquid already then you just apply it over the spot and it will dry really fast, as simple as that.

One down side to this product is the smell..it got a really strong smell which I don't really mind but it is there and it smells strong cause of the ingredients which also includes alcohol (which I don't really get along with lol)
I apply this product at night on a clean face after I moisturize. I really don't recommend using this product at morning time, unless you want to walk around with a pink dots all over your face lol.
Overall,  this product wasn't a total mess for me at the same time it wasn't a "WOW" kind of product as I though it would be the reason why I don't like it that much its because of the Alcohol, my skin doesn't like alcohol, also if I use this product for few days night after night it will dry it out and I will have dry patches around my spots. But this does help to make the spot a little bit smaller, doesn't make it gone though.
I feel like this product gave me the same effect as my Tea Tree Oil, I use tea tree oil as a spot treatment and it gave me pretty much the same results maybe a little bit better.
It will reduce a little bit of the red especially for new pimples, when I apply it on a new pimple the next day it will get more red ,then next day it will have a white head, then it will stay as a red scar,and that's it.

I can't give this product a 5 stars, I really wanted to love it more cause I was really excited to try it
but for me it was really slow to work with my skin, also it doesn't do that much for my acne or acne scars as well (I know its not for acne scars) 

Remember that everyone's skin type is different even if you have acne prone skin like me doesn't mean that what works for me will work for you or the way around.
Will I Recommend it??~
Even though it did not do much for my skin, I will still recommend it for acne pron skins just because I know that this did very well for some people.
So yes give it a try ,be patient and I hope from the bottom of my heart that it will work for you and you will have a better luck with it than me.

Have your ever tried it before??
Please let me know in the comments your experience with it, I would love to hear from you.

Best Wishes

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