June 17, 2014

NYX HD Studio Translucent Finishing Powder Review!!~ ♥

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Lately I've been searching for a new face powder to try and I came across the NYX HD Studio Translucent Finishing Powder ($9.99 at Target) and I've also been testing it for a while and now it is all ready for a review.

Let me start first with the packaging, it looks normal nothing fancy over all i like it.Also this container is just 0.28 oz so its really light weight,I believe it would be great for travel as well.
This powder is colorless it is just white then when you apply it will match your skin color whatever skin color you have so don'y worry that it looks white in the container, pretty normal.

Also it is designed to give you a matte finish  which is perfect cause I have a  combo skin and now its summer so it is extra oily  ,also it contains "100% pure silica minerals" aka it is the reason behind that  finish you get in photograph.
Now I need to understand something, why on earth did they mention the SPF01, does it really help?? its just 01?Does it even need to be mentioned?? lol ( I know its not important but its bothering me for some reason hehe)

(Thnx God I got a little bit of tan so you can see the swatch)

When I first apply it, it feels so light on the skin and it doesn't have that powder feeling that I usually get from other powders, its not heavy or powdery it is just so natural and when I touch my skin doesn't feel like powder instead, it is super soft.
One thing I have to mention here,  you cant touch up with concealer after you applied the powder, just NOPE. Cause if you did that it will really look cakey and like you have dry patches, not really flattering , so be careful with that ladies!

Another good thing about this powder is that a little goes along way. I just use a little bit of whatever is left on the lid cause usually there's some product on the lid and that is usually it, no need for more.Also some people think it is really "messy" me personally don't think so it is fine, just when you open the lid be careful you don't need to open it all over the place if you know what I mean, just careful and it would be.

Today I tried this powder for the last time just to give you the "exclusive" final thought on it. I wore it for almost 9 hours and I applied it over a BB cream with a dewy finish and only on my left side so I can really compare them well and see the difference.
The 1st update was after almost 4 hours, the powder side was still matte and looks pretty good ,while the right side started to get a little bit shiny.
The 2nd update was after 8 hours, the powder side started to get a little bit shiny but the overall finish still looks good, while the other side was super shiny.

 Overall, I think I have a new favorite powder! I simply really like it, I love how lightweight it is, how it makes my skin feels so soft, and how natural it looks with a beautiful finish, and the most important part is how it keeps me matte for a longer time even when the weather is hot. And it just looks perfect in pictures.
I have to admit something, I'm loving this powder more than my all time favorite Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder ..there we go, I said it, no regret.

Have you ever tried this powder?? if yes ,what do you think of it??
If not, do you think you will give it a try soon?!
Let me know in the comments

Best Wishes!
C.ya!~^_^ ❤

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