July 7, 2014

Maybelline SuperStay 24Hour Makeup Foundation Review & Demo ~ ♥

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Almost two months ago I've decided it is time to go and pick a new foundation, and then out of no where the first one came up to my mind was the Maybelline SuperStay 24Hour Makeup Foundation
I remember this was my very first foundation that I've ever tried. It was almost 3 years ago I was still in high school and I bought it to wear it on my b-day party,how fancy.
Back then I really did love it, I didn't need that much coverage I didn't have many breakouts or dark sports as I do now.
Anyhow let's get into more details.

First , lets start off with  the website description.
Stays comfortable and looks naturally flawless all day Micro-Flex formula provides 24-hour wear and no transfer Withstands heat, sweat and humidity Oil-free, dermatologist-tested, fragrance-free Suitable for all skin types
I've got to admit that I do agree with most of what it claim to do, but there's also other cons that I will mention in a minute. 

This foundation retails for (8.94) at walmart and it comes in 8 shades , which is not that great cause not everyone is going to find their true color, I know I didn't , I had to mix two of them to get my true shade cause each one is either too pink or too yellow. 

The packaging is pretty normal, just a glass bottle nothing fancy, and one con about the packaging. it doesn't have a pump.
The consistency of this foundation is liquid not really a thick one
When you first apply it ,it doesn't have any scent in it, it is really easy to blend and to work with, then it sets after a couple minutes, it sets to be soft and dry not sticky or heavy, it feels really nice on the skin like you have nothing on 
(I apply it either with RT buffing brush or with RT  sponge)

The coverage is light to medium, I won't say that this is a buildable foundation, I tried to build it up on some of my new pimples but didn't work  and your still can see some of the redness around the pimple, that's why I needed a little bit of concealer to cover it up later cause the foundation alone won't really cover that much. 

The finish of it is a matte finish but the amazing thing about is doesn't look flat like super matte, it does have a slightly tiny a bit of dewiness in it which makes it look really natural like it is your own skin but better.
I would compare this to a BB cream, from the light feeling on the skin to the light-medium coverage it gives.
(Excuse my skin, it is on the bad side these days)

With that being said I have to point out that after a couple of hours I started to get a little bit shiny on my nose (Which is pretty normal to me cause that's where I usually get oily) but also keep in mind I didn't use primer or powder to set it cause I wanted to see the true thing about this foundation, so I believe if I used a little bit of powder it would've kept my oil-free for longer time.
On the other hand this is one of those foundations that I can say the longer I wear it the better it looks, cause to be honest when I first applied it I thought "Omg, this is going to look cakey" but that wasn't true when it sets it looks amazing.Also this foundation did not break me out.
(Don't judge just the pictures I'm just showing you the coverage, but the overall finish is natural and beautiful)

Overall, I am loving this foundation so far, in the beginning I was a little bit disappointed cause of the shades thing and also because I thought it will give me more coverage, but it is not the foundation fault it is my skin ,it used to have less problems.
Anyhow, this foundation to me is perfect for everyday uses cause of the light coverage and light feeling on the skin, and it last really well. Also It is great for summer time cause it just doesn't melt off your skin in hot weather. About the 24 hour thing, I do not think so cause after 16 hour of wearing it was already fading around my nose and chin area , but the over all look it was still looking good just a little bit more oily. And I strongly believe this foundation is suitable for all skin types cause as I mentioned it is not super matte and also it is not dry as well.

Will I repurchase it??

Will I recommend it??

Have you ever tried this foundation before??
If not, are you going to give it a try??
Also question
What is your all time favorite drugstore foundation?? 

Best Wishes!~♥

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