September 12, 2014

Favorite back to school hairstyles easy and beautiful

Salam & Hello Sweethearts

Happy September! I love September cause that means sweater weather is almost here (Well, if you're in California its gonna take longer heh)
, and school is here as well yay (Not really, but oh well...urgh)
And for that reason I decided to collect my favorite hair styles that would be perfect for back to school.
I'm that kind of girl who is too lazy in the morning to get that perfect hairstyle, but hey a simple hair style with a little bit of makeup makes everything better (Lets not forget about Coffee) Maybe that's just me but when I look somehow presentable it motivate me to have a better mood as well as a better day at school.

So here's some hairstyles that I found and you can create in short time but still looks cute and like you put a lot of effort in it when in reality it didn't take that long (I mean who has an extra hour in the morning to do their hair? pshh not meh.)
I'm in love with this bun, cause to be honest I love my messy bun but I'm so over it, and I personally have a thick long hair and when I try to do a normal bun it just look like a big giant thing over my head (Not cute, at all) but with this idea, I'm really loving it and enjoying my bun style again.

This beautiful hairstyle bring back so many memories ,it reminds me when my Mom used to do my hair in the morning for school, I can never do that kind of braid alone, but I'm still going to give this hairstyle a try (With a help of my Mum) cause it is super cute and perfect for 2nd or 3rd day hair.

Let me say something first, I've never done a fishtail with my hair , I remember I did it once and it was done by my friend, other than that I could'nt really get it right, but this hair style is super cute that I really had to force my self to learn how to do a fishtail and let me tell ya it was a success! it is so cute and easy to do on lazy mornings. 

This is so beautiful, so simple and cute. It is that perfect twist for braid and I'm in love with it.

5 • Hair Bow
I had to include this one cause it is truly one off my favorite, I remember when when the bow bun was a trend and I just failed on doing it cause I always end up with a big messy bun instead lol, but this one is really easy and its perfect cause you're not really using all of your hair and you don't need alot of tools or something, So check it out cause if I can make this hairstyle work in 5 minutes, so can you.(P.S click the link for step by step tutorial)

This hairstyle is so in trend now and I always thought its really hard to make it but again, I was wrong, it is really simple and easy to make, plus it is not just for short hair, I have long hair and I tried it the other day and it works great, so beautiful.

That's it sweethearts, I hope you like it
and let me know which one is your favorite?
and what is your favorite thing about back to school season?!
I would love to know!

Best Wishes! 


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