May 2, 2015

Maybelline Face Studio Master Hi-Light in Light Bronze Review ~

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Today's review is all about the
 Maybelline Face Studio Master Hi-Light in the shade Light Bronze
Price ($7.99 Target)

Few months ago I was just hanging out at Target (as usual) and I came across this bronzer / highlighter, the second I saw it I knew had to get it and try it out (so dramatic but for real though!)
As a girl with a pale skin I'm sure most of you can relate on how hard it is to find the perfect bronzer that looks natural and give you that (sun kissed) skin without looking like you have a dust on your face (I've been there, trust me)

Let's get into details, shall we?!

The Maybelline  Face Studio Master Hi-Light Bronzer comes in 2 shades 
Light Bronze (for lighter skin tones) and Deep Bronze (for darker skin tones)
And also with 4 blush shades ( Nude, Pink Rose, Coral, and Mauve)

Packaging ~

It got a nice, secure packaging, got two sections one for the actual product and underneath it includes a mirror (Which is helpful when I need a mirror in my makeup bag when I'm out) and small blush brush (that I don't really like to use it to apply the product cause I find it quite harsh on my skin)

So here's a swatch of each color in the bronzer (Golden White, Rose Gold, Light Coral, Light Brown) , and the very first one on the left is how the color looks like with all of them together
The way I apply it is pretty simple, just take your blush brush, scroll it all over the bronzer, then I start dabbing it on my apple cheek all the way up on my cheek bones. 
Tip ~ This bronzer is pigmented so I usually start with light layer then build it up to when I'm satisfied with how it looks.
(With Flashlight)
(Day light) 
(1 layer, 2 layers, 3 layers) 

The Actual Product ~

Great pigmentation, it lasts all day long (literally, I've tested for over 12 hours and guess what? its still there and looks good even thought I have Oily/Combo skin, it still looks great.
Note ~ If you have Oily/combo skin like me and scared it might makes you look like a disco ball, well don't worry here's a little tip ~ On warm days when I know my face will get shiny through the day, first I apply my foundation then one light layer of the bronzer then i apply my face powder all over my face then again one light layer of the bronzer. It's crazy but it really does work to keep my bronzer like I have a summer glow.

Overall ~
 Simply amazing! I really have nothing bad to say against it.
 Let me tell ya, I'm so in love with this bronzer that I literally used it all up, like till the very last drop ha! when I apply only one layer of it it looks like my skin is glowing within and more alive!
Great for Spring/Summer days for that healthy glow and as I mentioned for a girl with a pale skin I really do appreciate this kind of product. (That's why I can't stop talking about it lol)

Something inside of me is telling me that I'm going to keep re-purchasing it for along time (They better keep selling or we gonna have serious problem here! yup)

Here's a pictures of me (excuse my phone camera lol)  in different lighting and with just 3 light layers  ( that's why it looks darker ) of the bronzer over my BB cream (No powder or foundation) 

That's it for today's review
now its your turn

Are you going to give it a try?

If already did, let me know your thoughts!
Whats your favorite makeup product for pale skin?

Best Wishes!~ 

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