January 31, 2016

Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation Review/Demo

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Today I'm here with another Review/Demo 
This time is all about the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation
I got this foundation about 3 weeks ago and I've been trying it out and testing it with different stuff like primers and moisturizer, so I can finally say I've had enough experience with this foundation.

Lets start off with the basic stuff and what it claims to be ~
What it claims :This refreshing gel-whipped foundation leaves complexion perfected and smooth with a velvety, soft-matte finish while skin stays hydrated for 12 hours
This foundation is available in 12 shades
The prices goes around $9 to $12 depends on which drugstore you get from and where you live.
● My Thoughts ~
First thing I love how it comes in a tube it makes it easy to control the amount of foundation so it is always a plus for me.
Application : I used it with two different brushes and the beauty blender, in my case I liked it better with the flat blending brush, I felt like I was able to get the best of coverage with it.
It is more of a thicker foundation, It blends really well and easily, it feels so velvety and smooth on the skin! and it sets right away, in my case it felt almost like a powder finish once it was completely set.

● Coverage ~I would say it is a medium coverage and that's it..aka I tried to build it up on my spots and it didn't work.
 After wearing it for almost 4 hours I started to see some shine on my skin (around my cheeks and on my nose mostly) which is a bit weird cause its winter time and my skin hasn't been that oily lately, so it makes me wonder how this will work in Summer time?..
Yesterday I tested it for the last time and for the longest time (almost 10 hours) by the end of the night the foundation started to fade around my spots like my acne scars started to show up like there is no foundation on my dry spots were more visible and it created a weird lines around my smile line, my blush and contour was still there just shiny and really shiny on the nose.
In the middle picture I tried to show you guys the dry patches that it seems to catch, my nose it looks a bit patchy and also around my mouth and my smile line which I never noticed that I have those lines! (I'm only 21 but I guess I have aging lines..not really just the foundation meh..) So that was another down side to this cause for me I'd expect a foundation to cover things up and blur them not point them out..!

♠ Pros
●Good shades selection ( well, almost..)
●blends really well
●feels so nice and velvety on the skin
●It sets right away
●It comes in a tube

♠ Cons
●Shades are not true to the package (Which made me just guess and the shade I got was slightly pink but I worked it out somehow,so watch out)
●Not long lasting
●You will need to touch up and set it with my powder to go through the day
● It sets on my dry patches (And it even creates a new ones..around my smile lines)

● Final thoughts ~
 I would give this foundation 2.5 or 3 out of 5 points cause simply I liked how it looked in  the first couple of hours , I like how light it feels and smooth on the skin, but later on after the 3rd or 4th hour it all changes which is kinda disappointing , like the foundation will look fine from far away but I don't like the idea that if someone is in-front of me talking to me can notice every little spot, dry patches or pores..and the shine of course.
I would recommend this foundation for everyday wear, like running errands or to school, or if you don't care about having a better coverage and your skin doesn't have that much problems then you will be good! But I won't recommend it if you're looking for a foundation that will stay put and keep the coverage for almost all day.,cause with this one be prepared to touch up and set it again.

Keep in mind that my experience wit this foundation might not be the exact thing for you, but I still wanted to point out those things just in case you have same skin type or issues like me, just consider that.

Thank you for reading and for stopping by!
Now its your turn, let me know your thoughts!

Best Wishes! ❤

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