May 3, 2016

Carli Bybel - 14 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette Review & Swatches I Beautylish Life

Hello Beautylish People!
How you guys doing??
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Today I'm here with a very dear to my heart kind of a post
Its all about Carli Bybel's Palette by BH Cosmetics
I am alittle bit late on this since its been out for a long time but I could'nt get my hands on it till like month ago and you guys I'm super duper excited!! First because I love Carli she's such a lovely,inspiring and beautiful person inside out! And now she came with her own palette..and its not only eyeshadows..but with highlighters as well!!.. I mean how can I not be excited! (Alright you guys get how excited Iam)
The Carli Bybel Palette retails for $12.50 only!
It contains 10 gorgeous Eyeshadows and 4 beautiful Highlighters 
The thing I loved about this palette is that it fits all skin tones especially the Highlighters since it inclouds one's  for deeper skin and perfect tone for more fair skin tones like mine 
Swatches ~ ♥
First of all..PIGMENTATION! You guys with just one swatch I got all the colors perfectly without any need to go back and fourth with it! All of the swatches below is just one simple swatch, nothing more..and Iam just amazed seriously!
Now back to swatches~~

First Row ♥
You get a lovely matte beige color which I love to use it as a base on my whole eyelid
Second color on the left gives me life! I love this color to highlight my eyes inner corner
Third color is a beautiful matte warm brown works great for a transition color for the crease
Fourth color is also a matte color but its more of brownish-pinkish cool tone color (eh?!) 
The last one is a gorgeous burgundy color to deep in the crease

Second Row 
First one from the left is a beautifuuuuul rose gold color! It was tricky for me to show it on the camera but I finally did it after taking hundreds of pictures in different lighting but I finally got it and I just love this color its gorgeous!
Second color light warm gold color beautiful for the lid when  you want to brighten the eyes
Third color is more of a cool tone brown with a sheen color
Fourth color is light warm brown color
Last one is to me looks like grey with a little deep green tone to it 
( You guys can tell that Iam not that great with explaining colors, but oh well!)

Third Row 
You guys can't imagine how happy I was when I discovered that it comes with Highlighters
cause I don't know why but most of the affordable highlighters that I've used in the past just did not work for me ..I gotta try more highlighters tho till I found good affordable one,but! for now Iam loving those one's they're very creamy,pigmented and buildable aka you can get fresh and natural glow with one application or build it up to be a disco ball and lets just say I got carried away first time I tried this highlighters because I was too trust me when I say.. it can happen (#NoRegret hah)
 For the look I did was just a simple and quick natural eye because I had to work that day so  I didn't want a deeper eye makeup, but I love how it turned out even tho It was like an hour  after I got the palette in the mail and I had to give it a try right away, but! stay tuned I will try new make up looks with this palette on my Instagram so check that out if you want to see more!
Overall ~ 
I bet you guys can tell I am pretty satisfied with this palette
Really I have no complain about it 
It is affordable, pigmented and for everyone.It contains the natural colors if you're a beginner or you look the natural make up looks or you like smokey, more deep eye makeup it will still work you both ways.
In the end I highly recommend it and this is differently a hit product for me.

Now your turn beauties! 
Let me know what you think and if you're going to give it a try!

Best Wishes!~^_^
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