July 26, 2016

Revlon Colorstay 24 Hour Foundation Review I Beautylish Life

Hello Sweethearts!
Hope you all having a good day so far
And Ramadan Mubarak to those who celebrates it!
if you don't know what Ramadan is go ahead learn something new about the world and check out my full post all about the month and the traditions of it! 
Today I'am here with a full review all about the Revlon Colorstay 24 Hour Foundation
The Foundation includes 20 shades that fits almost every skin tone which is great 
and it comes with two formulas for Normal/Dry and Combination skin (hello,that's my skin type) 
The foundation retails for 12.99 at Ulta and $8.99 at Walmart (aka save some money and buy it from walmart .or don't :P ) so the prices is different depends where you live and where you buy it.

Package..I love that it has a pump that just makes everything easier and perfect,beside that it looks pretty nice for a drugstore product. I love how nowadays drugstore brands are stepping up with the whole makeup thing from packaging to the actual product.

Constancy wise it is thick not like a typical liquid , for me personally I like and I enjoy it being a little thicker that being runny and messy everywhere.
The actual foundation is really beautiful, it blends easily with a brush or a beauty blender
and what I really like about the foundation is that it does cover my stubborn acne scars for the days when I want a fuller coverage and it gives a lovely medium natural finish for the days when I just want normal coverage and to even out my skin tone
so basically what I've been doing is that I will apply the first light layer of the foundation and even out my skin tone then I will go add a little bit more over the areas where I need more coverage like my acne scars, like this morning I had a new acne scar that it was still red with white head (yeeks..) so I just went two times over it and blend it with my finger and I was good to go. On the other hand for days when I was to look flawless like what I did on my birthday.. I just went first with primer then went with concealer that matches my skin tone all over the little areas that needs a little bit ore coverage, then I went with the foundation like I would normally and then set it with powder because this foundation is thick so you will feel it on your skin when you layer it up so you do need to set it, at least that what worked for me, on the other hand it didn't feel heavy on my skin like Oh My God I need to wash my face now (you got me?) other than that it looks really good even in photos! I looohvve it.
Wearing time, I wore this foundation alot from 5 to 10 hours and I've tested it out in both hot and cold weather
When its warm outside I would start getting a little shiny over my nose after 3 to 4 hours which is really impressing because even tho I have combo/oily skin the first thing that will shine is my nose..my nose is always shiny you guys..I need help :/ (kay I will stop..back to the point)
then my t-zone will get shiny, but with this foundation I didn't really have a problem with the shiny t-zone only when I wear it 7 hours or more.
My POINT IS.. it keeps me matte longer even in warm weather and even thought its a thicker foundation
So awesome coverage +  long time wearing = Win Win!

Overall, I've been really enjoying this foundation for both when I want a daily coverage or a fuller coverage. It stays on for a good amount of time if you use a good primer and set it you shall be good ma dear. It doesn't clog my pores (Thank God as if I need more pores). It blends easily with whatever tool you gonna use (nope let me repeat , with whatever MAKEUP tool you will use..don't blend it with a fork or a spoon you guys stay safe! :D alright alright I will stop it.).
It looks great in photos and there's a great selection of colors to match every skin tone (I hope!) 
 did I say it keeps me matte and flawless for along time?and it has a pump? and its a better formula?  great now you now.
So you guys I have nothing but love for this foundation, really I didn't have any bad experiences with this foundation since the day I started using it which it almost 2 months ago, and if I have to really really get deep and try to find something negative I would say it feels a little bit heavier on the skin...but meh its not really a thing that bothers me but I wanted to put it out there anyway.

If you guys made it to the end of the post then BIG THANK YOU!!! Mwah, I know its a long review but I really wanted to include all the details and hope that helps!

If you beautiful ladies tried it out, let me know your thoughts in the comments and lets have a little or a big chat about it!
Question of the day, whats your current favorite foundation?! 
Please let me know so I can go and but and try and like and approve...(we get it sop it -_-)

I hope you guys are having a beautiful day
and if not then don't worry there's always a new day and may your coming days be full of hope,dreams,and goods. ^_^

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