July 3, 2017

Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation Review and Demo I Beautylish Life

Hello My Beautiful People!~
Hope you all having a good week so far~

Today's review as you can see is all about the new Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation.

I saw this at my local Walmart and decided to give it a try even though I've never really tried any cushion foundations before but I wanted to try it since I generally like many products from Maybelline.

What a cushion foundation stands for is basically a foundation in a compact (Instead of a liquid in a bottle this one comes in a compact) that you can take it on the go since its more convenient to carry around than an actual foundation bottle ~ 
It's also easy to use since its in a compact that contain a sponge for easier use 
What it claims to be ~
 Maybelline's increased color pigments deliver complete luminous coverage for fresh-faced perfection in the Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation.
(Luminous = worst nightmare for a combo/oily skin girls -_-)
Available in 8 Shades (Not a good color selection)
Price ~ $12.00 (Walmart)
cushion foundation
The Product ~
Let's talk first impression.. like the very first time I tried it out

First, I applied it with a sponge, that's when I noticed that I got the most coverage.
With the sponge, it blinded super duper fast and I feel like when using a sponge it just makes the whole process faster cause the sponge got to soak up a good amount of the products from the first dip that was enough for more than half of my skin.

Second thing, while applying it, I look at my skin and I saw it GLOWING! which in that moment I had a mini heart attack cause it doesn't just look dewy/natural..nah! it looks way more shiny that I would ever like cause for a girl with a COMBO SKIN it's a complete nightmare!
makeup swatch
Then I continued with my eyes makeup routine to give it time to set , but it didn't set! it still felt like a bit wet~
 Since it was my very first time trying it out I didn't want to set it with powder and just wanted to see how it will work with the rest of my face products. 
 My bronzer and blush blended in well and I didn't have problems with blending it until I looked closely a moment later and it was a bit patchy on my cheeks. 
cushion foundation(In the pictures, I had to go over my problem areas with second layer but it didn't build up)

Coverage ~
I would say it has a light to medium coverage.
It evened out my skin tone well but it did not really cover my acne/scars very well, I went with a second layer to build it and it did not really do much~

It did look a bit weird between my brows and around my nose area looks a bit cakey even with just one light layer!~
Therefore, I suggest if you're going to use it and you have a skin problems then spot conceal first cause on its own it doesn't cover much.
The good thing is that it didn't look cakey when I tried to build it but it just stayed the same.

Second Try 
when applied with the sponge that comes with it, I got the lightest coverage but very natural and not as shiny as it looked using the beautyblender.
Therefore, I suggest if you have no acne then this would work great for you to just even out the skin and make it look dewy and healthy.

However, my skin didn't agree with me on that cause I literally had to go heavy with my setting powder to make it look some how normal which I don't like that because then It doesn't look that natural or compliment my overall makeup look (at least on my skin)
I did try it with a brush and it wasn't blending very well and I feel like it was hard to get a product on the brush, which is why I got the least amount of coverage with the brush.

 THIRD Try ~ (Finally some hope!)
Today I've decided to give this foundation another try ( I also wanted to use it so it wasn't a waste of my money)
I applied my usual face moisturizer, then this time for some reason I've decided to SHAKE the foundation compact!  ~ I applied the foundation using the beauty blender and VOILLA it did not look as greasy while applying it !! I don't know if its because I shaked the compact and the products blended in together but that's what I noticed.
Then again it was easy to blend and it didn't look as heavy and greasy as it did in my previous attempts.
Then I set the face with my Airspun face powder and did my normal face routine.
This time, my face shine stayed under control, it lasted longer, and it didn't fade as fast.
However, after the 6th hour I noticed separation around my nose, between my eyebrows, and it faded around my acne spots areas. 
cushion foundation
Overall ~
Ahh don't make me say my final thoughts -_-
 I have a strong love/hate relationship with this and here's why~
Let's talk Prons and Cons

This foundation blends beautifully on the skin and it looks like a skin but a better version   (dewy)

Even though it looks good on my skin, I just can't get over how shiny it looks! Yes it is supposed to make the skin looks healthier, but on my skin is on the oilier side which means I will have to use more powder and touch up a lot throughout the day.

It doesn't have a lot of product inside the compact!

Today somehow while I was sipping my sponge in the compact I was able to see whats underneath the sponge in the compact that was carrying the actual foundation~
It looked almost empty! almost empty and that's my fifth time using this product!
So if I am paying $12 for a foundation then it better stay way longer than at least 7 or 9 times!

It doesn't last for along time.

When I tried it the first two times on its own, it barley lasted for a maximum of 4 hours.
However, when I used it with a setting powder, I was able to make it last for 4 or 6 hours.
(Nothing on my face other than the Dream Cushion)

Final Thoughts  ~
This would work for someone who has a dry skin or doesn't have much to cover aka acne/scars, then you would enjoy this because it does have enough coverage to even out the skin and it has a dewy/healthy finish!!
Also, if you want something quick with a natural finish and not for a very long hours of wearing, then you would like this as well.

For my combo/oily skin ladies, stay away from it (or don't..!hah) But I just feel like it doesn't compliment a combo/oily skin, it clings on dry patches, around the nose it looks cakey and the overall  results looks like when I've been wearing a foundation for 10 hours and it looks shiny and ready to be removed.

That's it for my review, I know its a lot of details! but I had to mention everything in details since its not a video where you can see what I am talking about.
Therefore, you're welcome  (jk jk..not really -_-)

If any of you have tried it then please let me know your thoughts!

Wish you all a great day!
Best wishes~


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