October 7, 2017

Irresistible Eyeshadow Palette by Beauty Creations Review & Swatches I Beautylish Life

Hello Lovelies 
Today's review is all about my current favorite palette and that is the Irresistible Eyeshadow Palette by Beauty Creations 
I heard about this palette a while ago but I was a bit skeptical ordering cause the website that carry's it I've never heard about it before.
However, I decided to take the risk and I am so glad that I did! 
So let's get into details sshhhall wee~~
makeup palette
This palette comes with 15 shades that vary between neutrals, cool, and warm shades. 
Price: $15.00 
makeup palette
It comes with extra cute packaging that carry the actual palette inside and it also includes a mirror (Yay)

Many people say that the Irresistible palette is pretty much a dupe for the Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills 
( I can't say much about that because I do not own the Modern Renaissance, but from the swatches I saw, they're pretty similar in colors and some have the same pigmentation!) 

Swatches ۰•●
(P.S Iam not the greatest at describing colors..just sayin -_- )
makeup swatches
First Row ۰•●
Naked : light beige 
Touch Me: light beige brown 
 ( very light but buildble)
True Love : shimmery cool rose gold
Only Yours : cool tone light brown
Til' Midnight : shimmery cool tone brown
(I love this color on the lid! it reflects some pink glitter)
makeup swatches
Second Row ۰•●
Kiss Me : medium matte berry 
Yours : dark cool tone brown
Bare : light neutral brown
Infatuated : light warm tone brown
Love Letter : shimmery champagne color
makeup swatches
Third Row ۰•●
Tender Kiss : light burgundy 
Smack : light berry 
Warm Touch : light cool tune beige 
Mix Emotions : warm orangy-brown
Night Out : dark brown with fine glitter 
( the glitters doesn't show up that much)
makeup swatches
OverView ۰•●
These eye-shadows pigmented and build-able which I really do appreciate because even though I like pigmented eye-shadows, I do prefer eye-shadows that I can control the intensity of it.

Last month I went to Las Vegas and I only took this palette with me cause it has pretty much everything I need to create day or night look.
I do love this palette and for the price you get a good selection of colors for day or night. Besides, the pigmentation is good and build-able as I mentioned .
bronze makeup

Would I recommend it? Definitely!
Have you ever tried it before? let me know your thoughts!

Best Wishes~ ^_^


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