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● • ۰ Hello beautiful ladies and welcome to my little world ۰ • ●
• Beautylish life is simply my life in a blog, it is where I share things that I love and passionate about ( Beauty, Fashion,  Healthy Lifestyle and Self Improvement ) , on the other hand it is my journey and what I want to become and how I improve myself and go in my daily life. While I'm working on that I'm going to share lifestyle tips and tricks, and will also include things that make me happy like Beauty and MakeUp.
My Goal for is for this blog to be helpful and to leave a positive image in my readers heart. I know about a lot of things from here and there and that is my message, my blog and what I share (Will share in the future) is who I'am, what I've learned and what will I become. 

• My story, I can't tell you everything cause I do not know where I'm going in life yet. But I'm just a day dreamer 24 years old lady from Middle East, I moved to the US (California) a few years ago and while I've been living here I found out about the whole "Blogging" thing which sound like dream come true, why? ahh I'm a girl with a "free time" and instead of wasting it doing nothing I decided to create my own blog cause how can I not? I love beauty, make up, Fashion and I"m obsessed with learning new stuff that improve my life. So the chance of blogging about something that I love and sharing it with people who actually have the same interests and passion as I do, and really learning alot of new things, how could I ever say no?!

 Little Personal Things •
•I'm a Gemini girl (The craziest as it can get lol )

•I'm a "people" kind of girl, I like meeting new people or just simply being around people cause I've always been interested of the idea of meeting new people because I know I will always learn me something from them. Every person you will ever meet will teach you something (call meh weird but oh well) , However I really do like and enjoy my "me" time alone in my room getting my things done and just being with myself.

•I never sleep with lights off, like never. 

• Some of my favorites TV Shows : Teen Wolf , The Vampire Diares, Gossip Girl (I know its kind of old but it will always be one of my favorites.) 

•I love photography and you will always catch me taking photos of sunset or sunrise (I'm obsessed) and anything beautiful that looks interesting to me.

• I use the word "Dude" with my friends simply  I don't care what gender you're if you're my friend, I'm going to call you a Dude  lol.

•Since I was a little kid till now, people used to say that I think and talk older than my age (I do agree thought since I grew up with elders and different age groups from my family maybe that's why) I do like that and proud of it cause I know my mind saved me from getting in alot of troubles.

• I don't follow the crowd, instead I always give it a though to see if it good and right for me or not then I will do it and I always remind my self and tell my friends "Just do your own thing" instead of being a follower.

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lets share some love ❥

● • ۰ Best Wishes, and God Bless ۰ • ●

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